Bloggiesta Question Sunday

Question Sunday

Every Sunday, I will put a small blog post up asking people to comment and ask questions. You can ask anything about me, my books, or reading in general that you might be interested to know. I am then planning on answering them on Monday, and this will (hopefully) make up a more interesting post about me and what I enjoy reading, and I can tick that if my Bloggiesta to-do list (yay)!I’m not sure whether this will work or if people will actually comment but if you wanna ask a question, comment below and I will answer and put some of the questions in post on Monday 😁

By bookmuffin

I like books and tea. MA Children's Literature student.

One reply on “Question Sunday”

Jut read your “To Be Read Gallery” and I can’t believe you haven’t read “The Great Gatsby” yet! It’s one of my all time favorites (& one I forget not everyone has read since it was required at my school). My favorite of his is “The Beautiful and Damned” but Gatsby is a close second for sure. So I guess my question would be have you read any Fitzgerald? If not, why not? I’ve always been curious as to why people stray away form him.


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