Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday for 24/03/15


Top ten Tuesday was originally started by The Broke And The Bookish, where a topic is given every Tuesday and the blogger then produces a top ten list of books to fit the weekly subject. The topic this week is ‘topic here‘ so here it is: Ten Books From Our Childhood/Teen Years We Would Like To Revisit

1. Ballet Shoes- Noel Streatfeild

This my absolute favourite book from my childhood. I remember my grandparents taking me to Waterstones when I had nothing to read, and I picked this out because I’m a dancer and it automatically grabbed my attention. Since then, I have lost count of how many times I have read it, and would gladly read it again and again!


2. Looking for JJ- Anne Cassidy

I found this in my school library, and for those of you who may not know the story, a summary would be *10 year old girl murders best friend*. Believe it or not it is classed as children’s/YA literature, but it is such a beautifully written book and I have also read it a numerous amount of times!


3. Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland- Lewis Carroll

After seeing the film advertised, I wanted to read the book before seeing the film. This is one of favourite children’s classics, because it can be perceived as a cute story, but also has so many deeper meanings that it is suitable for all ages.


4. The Royal Ballet School Diaries- Alexandra Moss

I picked the first book up from my primary school library, and as I mentioned earlier in the post, I’m a dancer and have been for many years, so this automatically caught my attention. I then proceeded to read all 6 books, and then returned to the beginning of the series. I liked the fact I could read them in a day, and they always portrayed my most perfect dance fantasy. (sorry, no Goodreads link on this one!)


5. Marked (House of Night #1)- P.C. Cast

This book came free when I pre-ordered The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, a novelette by Stephanie Meyer linked with the Twilight Series. It’s another take on the whole vampire phase that happened in YA fiction, but I absolutely loved the book, and read quite a few of the other books in the series as well, but then it got a bit too much and over dramatic for me, so I stopped, but I would love to pick up the first book again!


6. Twilight- Stephanie Meyer

I’m not really sure I can say much about this, because so many people have read it, and I feel like I can’t really add to the comments. I absolutely loved the book when I first read it, but the adoration of the series slowly died down, but I would love to revisit it after knowing how the series ends, and how the book was adapted into a film.


7. The Very Hungry Caterpillar-Eric Carle



8. The Chronicals of Narnia- Author

I would really like to revisit this book for the contextual elements, and really get into the actual understanding behind it. The connotations mainly float around religion, but I would love to read it and get a proper idea of what the author was thinking as he was writing it.


9. The Faraway Tree- Enid Blyton

This was just such a magical book, I think every young person should have the pleasure of reading this. There are so many different stories within The Faraway Tree, and I loved being able to read them and go on adventures with the characters.


10. The Railway Children – Edith Nesbit

I took this out of the library when my nan recommended it to me and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it! I can’t really remember the story that well, which is probably why I want to revisit it, and maybe watch the film as comparison, I don’t know, but a refresher of the story would be nice


I’m sorry my Top Ten Tuesday is a bit late, I have been so busy with getting things ready for university that I haven’t had chance to write, but I will make sure I tick everything off my Bloggiesta list by the end of the week (even if it does mean a sudden rush at the end…!)

All cover photos taken from Goodreads. Click on a book cover to see its Goodreads profile.

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I like books and tea. MA Children's Literature student.

6 replies on “Top Ten Tuesday for 24/03/15”

It has been great looking at your top ten of children’s books – Ballet Shoes was a big favourite of mine and I like the sound of Looking For JJ based on my recent read Humber Boy B. Enid Blyton would feature in my list too, I was a fan of so many of her books.


I love Ballet Shoes so much, and Looking for JJ is definitely a good read! I saw on your blog you had read Humber Boy B, and that really appealed to me, so I might be adding that to my TBR list!


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