Bloggiesta Update


So I have been updating my original Bloggiesta post with strike-throughs, but I thought I should do a quick review post. I have managed to accomplish quite a lot on my to-do list today, which I am pleased with!

This is what I have managed so far…:

  • Update my About page- Yay, now you know a bit more about me 🙂
  • Comment- I’ve commented on a few posts, hopefully my comments will grow as the weeks go on.
  • Mini Challenge- I did a mini challenge! I signed up for Trello and will now be using it to organise my book reviews, so I am really happy that I chose to take part in the challenge (there is also a giveaway, so if you wanna be in with the chance of winning, take a look at the mini challenges board on Bloggiesta)

The things I still need to do are…:

  • Make some friends- I still wanna have a proper discussion, introduce each other and such, so if anyone wants to say hi to me, comment on this post or use the contact form on the ‘Want A Book Review?’ and just make up the required information (make it something funny so I can have a laugh!)
  • Write some book reviews- There is one coming tomorrow, and some more coming later in the week!
  • Buy a book- Erm, yeah, about this, I might have to hold off… Or maybe not, I don’t know, I’ll keep you posted on this one!

By bookmuffin

I like books and tea. MA Children's Literature student.

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