Bloggiesta: The Finish Line


So yesterday saw the end of Bloggiesta: March 2015, and it was definitely a lot of fun for me. Below is my to-do list of what I decided I would like to achieve by the end of the week:

  • Make some friends- I wanna actually talk to people and have conversations with other bloggers and connect over similar interests so I can…
  • Write a few more reviews- There are so many good books I have recently read but haven’t had the chance to review yet, so I want to put them out to the world and let them know all of the weird and wonderful books I have been able to find.
  • Update my About blog page- It’s looking a little blank at the moment, so I want to add a little bit more about me, what I am doing at the moment, what I would like to do in the future, and all about my books and the books I enjoy reading.
  • Comment- I wanna find some other blogs participating in Bloggiesta and say hello in the comments. Whether I end up commenting on two or twenty, I don’t know, but this is all in my search for new blogs to follow and connect with.
  • Try and do some mini-challenges- I’m not fully understanding these mini-challenges, but I’m hoping if I can take part in one or two it might give me a better idea about what Bloggiesta is really all about.
  • Buy myself a new book- I get paid this week, so I want to treat myself (again) to another book on my TBR list!
  • I have also seen a mini challenge I would like to try, and that is to connect with Trello (link to be updated soon) and enter the giveaway!

Ok, so the only thing I didn’t do was buy myself a book 😦 but only because I didn’t get paid. I really enjoyed talking to people in blog post comments and following some new blogs, as well as gaining a few myself 🙂 I was also really happy to be nominated for The Liebster Award, which was great fun and I had a good time writing answers to the questions I had been given and coming up with some of my own.

I hope you all had a fab Bloggiesta week!

Happy Monday and Happy Blogging

Jade 🙂

By bookmuffin

I like books and tea. MA Children's Literature student.

2 replies on “Bloggiesta: The Finish Line”

Looks like you had a great Bloggiesta! I didn’t finish everything on my to-do list, but am still working on it and hoping to finish by the end of the month. Of course by then, I’ll probably have added even more items so it never ends! ha!

I joined Trello and am having fun creating boards and adding lists. Still exploring all the options, but think it will help keep me organized. At least, I hope so!

Terri @ Alexia’s Books and Such…


I love Trello! I have all of my uni packing lists saved and love it as an alternative to-do list as apposed to just using a simple app. A lot more organised with app 🙂


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