Libraries: The Best of the Best in Europe

Today, I present to you some pictures, displaying some of the most amazing libraries across Europe. Some are modern, some are old, but all of them look absolutely incredible, and I want to visit every single on them! So, enough of my ramblings, here is a selection of my favourites. You can comment with others you think you would like to visit, or there will be a link to a BuzzFeed article where you can find a few more literary wonders of the world:

1. Malmö City Library, Sweden


I love the light and airy feel of this library, with the massive window looking out on reality, while you are completely consumed in a fictional world. It has a nice modern look, with bright white and plum interiors contrasting to make a simple reading environment that also looks so beautiful.

2. Library of Birmingham, UK


Another fairly modern library, with slightly darker interiors, and is the largest public library in the UK. I love the circular shape of the architecture, and the way books from the same publisher or collection have been grouped together to created bursting blocks of colour.

3. The Codrington Library, UK


Another UK situated library, but this one is definitely a lot older than the last, dating back to the 1800s. A library that is quite attractive to lovers of very classical books, and students flock here as well to marvel in the history. I imagine it being a lovely place to visit is you just like being around any kind of books, just because it has such a literature based atmosphere.

4. Stuttgart City Library, Germany


Woah! Just, woah! It’s just so white and clean and there are so many floors filled with book, more books and, oh look, even more books! It looks like you would find everything, fiction and non-fiction, magazines and newspapers, eBooks and Audiobooks. the simplicity of the design would make it easy to slip into another world inside a book.

5. TU Delft Library, Netherlands


My final pick is situated in the Netherlands, and is another modern library, which has a very unique feature a bit higher up in the architecture. This library has a grass roof… Well, it’s not made of grass, but has a layer of grass, so in the summer months, readers can take books out into the sunshine and get some fresh air whilst delving into the depths of a good book.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, I certainly did! All pictures are linked back to BuzzFeed, and here is the original post, which includes some more amazing libraries around Europe, and who knows, there might be one near you that you have yet to discover!

Of course, your local library is and always will be the most precious building situated within reach, but if you fancy travelling further afield, there will always be somewhere wonderful to pick up a book or enjoy a literary atmosphere! Feel free to comment below you thoughts, or other libraries in Europe, or anywhere around the world, you think might be of interest.

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I like books and tea. MA Children's Literature student.

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