Weekly Wednesday Update

Weekly Wednesday Update #10


Welcome to another installment of Weekly Wednesday Update! I have done a lot of reading throughout the last week, and have managed to finish the Harry Potter series which I loved so so much! I’m hoping to be able to catch up on a bit of posting this week as well, so I’ll keep you updated 🙂

Currently Reading:

Saving London (Taylor Dawn)

I’m reading this as an ARC for Booktrope Publishing and so far it’s really got me hooked! I haven’t read any urban fantasy for a while, and this is turning out to be a bit similar to a series I read a few years ago, but with a different twist to the story line, which is quite nice.

New Additions to Goodreads Shelves:

To Be Read

The Chimes by Anna Smaill


A dystopian novel with a musical twist. Nobody in this life can form a memory, and all reading and writing has been replaced with music. I am a big music fan, so I’m hoping I’m going to enjoy this book very much!

How To Save A Life by Sara Zarr


I have been um-ing and ah-ing about this book for a while, but I have decided I would like to read it. This book is all about trying to replace the dead member of a family by adopting a new one, and how lives cross paths in the process.

Me, Earl and The Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews


Another book about crossing paths, where healthy boy meets girl with leukemia, and a friend tagging along, their lives are almost forced together, but possibly for the better?!

Every Day by David Levithan


This is another book I’ve never been sure about, but the description just sounds like something I would love to read, get hooked on, and always want to turn the pages. A little bit fantastical with a hint of reality, this sounds like a good summer read for me!

The Body Electric by Beth Revis


All about reliving the good memories, or at least trying to, and the alteration of those memories we hold close, and may not necessarily be ours. I am so excited to read this, it sounds so good!

Upcoming Reviews

I will hopefully be posting my review of the whole Harry Potter series very soon (Friday maybe?) and I may find some other bits and pieces to post as well 🙂

All cover photos taken from Goodreads. Click on a book cover to see its Goodreads profile.

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