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Review of ‘Saving London’ by Taylor Dawn

I received Saving London as an Advanced Reader Copy from Booktrope Publishing, and it grabbed me from the moment I read the description! I knew I would love reading it, but it was definitely more of a page turner than I ever expected it to be. Below is my review, plus a sneaky peak at the front cover and description and places to buy:

About The Book


‘Saving London’ by Taylor Dawn

The List. That Signified Finality.
The Journey. That Would Span The Globe.
The Sacrifice. That Would Decide The Outcome. 
The Choice. That Could Unleash Evil On Earth. 
The End Is Only The Beginning…

“You have terminal cancer.”
London Patterson, a seemingly healthy young woman, had her entire life ahead of her. That was until four little words brought everything to a screeching halt. As the shock and grief begin to fade, London decides to map out her last year and embark on an epic journey to complete a bucket list. She wants to do the things she’s been afraid to do in her life, step out of her self-contained box, and see the world. What she didn’t expect was for a mysterious stranger named Adam to breeze into her life like a breath of fresh air. 
Adam offers to help London complete her list on one condition…that she sees it through to the end. Agreeing on those terms, the two set out on an adventure of a lifetime. But London soon realizes that Adam isn’t quite…human. Along their journey odd occurrences happen that cause London to question who or what Adam is and why he’s helping her. 
Follow London as she checks off her bucket list in this inspiring new Urban Fantasy novel from Taylor Dawn.

My Review

To be honest, although the description automatically grabbed my attention, I have never really been one for Urban Fantasy, but since the story sounded intriguing, I thought I would give it a go, and I was definitely not disappointed! The plot follows London Patterson and Adam around the world as he helps her complete her bucket list. But why? Why would a man she has only just met that day offer to help her make the final year of her life the most amazing time? Maybe because it is his duty to. As the plot deepens, more and more strange things start to happen around Adam, London meets a very sly and creepy man called Caine and her life is turned upside down when she discovers Adam has a secret, and so does Caine. Towards the end of the novel, London and Adam journey further into solving a problem that could cause major changes in both London’s and Adam’s worlds, but never is ever as simple as clicking your fingers.

The book is centred in America, although London and Adam’s journey take us around the world, this way and that way, and I must say, I think the author got all of the different cultures spot on! Everything was so well mapped out I really did feel like I was standing right in front of the characters sometimes, watching everything that was folding out before me. The events that happen in the book are told by London in the first person, and, although there is a lot of foreshadowing of what Adam’s secret is, and dramatic irony played a big part in the first half of the book, the ending of the book, for me, was very unpredictable and climactic. I had no way of knowing what was coming up, and the ending was both shocking and slightly heartbreaking as well. The only downfall was I maybe would have liked a bit more description in the events that took place, and more drama at the points where characters are going through a lot of emotional pain and suffering, as I felt that was the only part that was lacking, but not enough to take away from the magic of the story telling! The storyline went at such a fast pace, and there was never a dull moment; there was always something happening! Sometimes it was the inventive ways Adam helped London complete the items on her bucket list, and others were the carefully planned out twists in the plot that slowly but surely unfurled as the plot progressed.

The characters were amazingly well developed, and, to be honest, I would not complain if I had my own Adam following me about, but it would be a shame to see him leave at the end. I thought he was the most engaging character in the book, always a bit mysterious, hiding his secret no doubt, but so caring and kind towards London as well. Apart from the novel being Urban Fantasy, and me knowing that what Adam and Caine were probably don’t exist (as much as I would love them too), the characters did feel very real to me. As I mentioned previously, sometimes I was reading and I felt like I was right there in the room with them, following them about like an invisible spirit. The plot definitely kept me guessing all the way to the end, and I never saw anything like that coming! I was so surprised, and being inside London’s head as the storyteller of the novel helped with that, because she seemed to be quite clueless herself. She was a very strong character though I did feel at some points she seemed a bit disconnected and oblivious to everything going on around her, but it was nice to see the story told from her side.

I think the epilogue was the best part, not because it was the end, but because it kind of summed up everything, and showed me what happened in the future, after all of the hoo-hah and what-not! The few chapters leading up to the end of the novel were so gripping as well, I felt like they flew by so quickly; they were extremely well written! However, I think the part on the beach when Adam finally reveals his secret to London was written particularly well because it’s almost like that was the turning point of the whole book, when the plot started to really thicken and, as more secrets were revealed, the book just got more and more exciting! All of this contributed to an amazing and well planned out story that kept me turning the pages from start to finish! I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Fantasy novels, and anyone who wants an awesome, past paced page turner for the coming summer!

My Rating: 4 Muffins out of 5

Where To Buy

If you like the sound of the book, here is where you can pre-order the book ready for the release on June 9th (including, but not limited to):


The Book Depository- not available for pre-order just yet, keep an eye on the website for updates!

Cover photo and description taken from Goodreads (view book profile here)

You can check out the author’s website here

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