Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday for 26/05/15


Top ten Tuesday was originally started by The Broke And The Bookish, where a topic is given every Tuesday and the blogger then produces a top ten list of books to fit the weekly subject. The topic this week is ‘Top Ten Beach Reads’ so here it is:

1. Me Before You- Jojo Moyes

This book pops up on my top ten a lot, but I think it would be a perfect read on the beach, as long as you save the ending for somewhere when you can be by yourself and cry…


2. Harry Potter- J.K. Rowling

Frankly, I’m pretty sure you could read these books anywhere and still love them!


3. Counting by 7s- Holly Goldberg Sloan

A nice easy Y/A read to chill out on the beach with


4. Paper Towns- John Green

To celebrate the movie release in a few months, this book will take you many places further than a sandy beach


5. Still With Me- Thierry Cohen

You’ll have plenty of time to get your head around this novel while your lounging under a hot sun


6. Before I Go To Sleep- S.J Watson

An epic read, a great thriller crime book to sink your teeth into during the summer months


7. Branded- Keary Taylor

From the Fall of Angels series, a really good fantasy novel to get you daydreaming when you drift off


8. To Kill A Mockingbird- Harper Lee

I had to fit a classic in here somewhere, and with the sequel around the corner in July, I couldn’t resist!

983552 (1)

9. The Shock of the Fall- Nathan Filer

Another one that has appeared on my top ten a few times, a nicely written book following the struggle of a young man.


10. Will Grayson, Will Grayson- John Green

Another John Green book to finish off, not one I have finished reading, but I plan to this summer, and where do I plan on finishing it you might ask… On the beach off course!


All cover photos taken from Goodreads. Click on a book cover to see its Goodreads profile.

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14 replies on “Top Ten Tuesday for 26/05/15”

I’ll definitely be rereading To Kill A Mockingbird this summer- it’s so exciting that there’s a sequel coming out! I never expected it to happen, certainly not all this time later. It should be really interesting!


There’s always a good time for J.K Rowling or John Green, but summer especially has that something which makes reading even more fun 🙂 Great list and I hope that you get a chance to read all of these this summer!


I haven’t spoken to a lot of people who have read it, but in my personal opinion I thought it was a great book! Interesting concept, and I’e just finished a book about angels which brought Branded back to my attention!

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