Confessions of a Bookworm

Confessions of a Bookworm #9


This is a new meme hosted by Parajunkee which allows us bookworms to confess our deepest darkest secrets of being a bookworm. Each week, the blogger writes a bookworm confessions and use the Linky widget to connect with Parajunkee and other bloggers. There is also a weekly question at the end as well to answer.

Confession of the Week

As much as I love buying new books, both hard copies and on my kindle, my favourite thing to do is browse the books in charity shops. Some aren’t very good but I have shop near where my Nan and Grandad live which has a massive book section which has loads amazing books, such a wide selection! I feel like, when I buy books second hand, I am saving them and giving them a good home, kind of like adopting a dog or a child aha!

Question of the Week

“Which fiction character would be your enemy in real life? Which one you would absolutely not tolerate?”

I’m pretty sure Dolores Umbridge would be my worst enemy. She would just drive me up the wall and make me want to through my hard back copy of The Order of the Phoenix at her!

By bookmuffin

I like books and tea. MA Children's Literature student.

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