Weekly Wednesday Update

Weekly Wednesday Update #14


 Hi everyone, welcome to another weekly update from me, where I tell you about what I’ve added to my TBR lists in the past week, so here it is:

Currently Reading:

The Good Girl (Mary Kubica)

Erm, it’s not the best book, but I’ll talk more about that in my review, but I’m sure I can push through until the end, hoping to finish it this weekend so I can start on some ARCs I have!

New Additions to Goodreads Shelves:

To Be Read

How To Start A Fire by Lisa Lutz


Found this on Goodreads, kind of a spur-of-the-moment add that I’m hoping I will like when I get the chance to read it.

The Next Together by Lauren James


Sounds a little similar to The Versions of Us, which I really enjoyed, a romance novel through history, which sounds like an awesome concept.

Instructions for the End of the World: A Novel by Jamie Kain


Kind of tells it’s story in the title, a family trying to survive after a family disaster is what I get from the description. Sounds like quite a nice change from the usually stuff I read!

Awake by Melanie Surani


I received this after Surani got in contact with me through my blog asking for an exchange, and I just couldn’t say no to this, despite the amount of exchange copies I already have to read! Check out the Goodreads profile…

Unknown Sender by Ryan Lanz


This is my next read, it’s a short one, but it’s by our very own Ryan Lanz, who runs The Book Review Directory, an it sounds absolutely incredible, so if you get the chance, you should check this one out, because I will be reading it very soon!

Echo by Lorena Glass


Another book I received as an ARC through my blog, another one I just couldn’t turn down!

You by Caroline Kepnes


This was kind of a first for me, because I have never discovered a book this way before. I was waiting for London Underground train on Saturday and the slogan ‘He watches, he waits, he follows’ just caught my eye, and I read the poster several times over before the tube arrived, enough to make me want to pick the book up off the poster and start reading it right there and then!

Black Rabbit Hall by Eve Chase


Another find on Goodreads, this time on the Giveaway section. Sounded like a good read so I thought I would request it, it’s only available to GB inhabitants though, but I’m sure it will be available to read worldwide very soon!

Upcoming Reviews

I still have another book tag post to write, and I will be posting my The Good Girl review at the weekend hopefully. Look out for The Pinterest Collective tomorrow and Feature Follow later this week!

All cover photos taken from Goodreads. Click on a book cover to see its Goodreads profile.

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