BookMuffin’s Beginners Guide on Becoming a Good Student

BookMuffin’s Beginners Guide to Becoming a Good Student: Week 4

BookMuffin’s Beginners Guide on Becoming a Good Student has been specifically designed for those of you who are venturing to university/college, or those of you who are already students and want to become a bit more organised.

This week’s topic is: Moving In and Organizing you Dorm Room

So whether you are in halls or in private rented accommodation, you will be starting a life away from the safety of your own bedroom. You will be cooking, cleaning and having to tidy your room off your own back, with no one telling you what to do. The freedom may sound very appealing, but you will want to make sure you are disciplined and actually get things done, not just with class work, but eating properly, clearing out rubbish and tidying up after yourself.

This blog post will be about the best way to move in to your dorm on that all important day and organise your belongings to cause minimal mess.

Moving in can be quite stressful! You need to make sure you pack absolutely everything you will need (but don’t pack absolutely everything if you see where I’m coming from!), and make sure you have plenty of space for it all. The following tips will help you move in with ease:

  • Make a packing list- Whether hand written or electronic, write down everything you need twice. You’ll need one to check off as you pack it up and then the other as you unpack. An electronic one is very helpful, because you can then restart it when you come to pack up at the end of the school year. ( there is a link on the Week 1 post to the packing list that I use!)
  • Think you have everything? Check again!- I can guarantee you that you will miss something off! Don’t get too caught up in making sure you have plenty of stuff to make your new room look pretty, and make sue you have all of the essentials first.
  • Don’t take a suitcase- Unless you are going abroad to college/university, you will not need to pack everything up into a suitcase! You can use bin bags, storage boxes and bags for life, which can also be re-used once you get there! Use your bin bags for the kitchen bin if they are not too stretched or ripped (heavy duty ones are good!), storage boxes are great for keeping things clean and dust-free under your bed (which will maximize the rest of your space and keep everything hidden, making it look a lot cleaner!), and bags for life are strong enough to use as laundry bins, which saves you buying them at your local supermarket.

Once you’ve unpacked, you will need to find spaces to put everything. Follow these tips to maximize you space for ultimate storage:

  • Invest in some bed risers- These are four sturdy posts, usually wooden or heavy duty plastic, that you put under your bed posts to raise the bed; therefore creating more space underneath to store more stuff.
  • Use under bed storage- I’ve already briefly mentioned this, but get a few flat boxes to put things in and keep them under your bed. You’ll always have easy access to them, and it will make everything a lot tidier.
  • Don’t take your whole wardrobe!- If you are planning on going home to visit in the holidays, you can stock up on clothes then. If you think about it, September to December will be too cold for words, so you won’t be needing vest tops and shorts, you’ll be needing coats, jeans and hoodies. Just like in the summer, you can take away the big hoodie/coat bulk and replace it with cooler garments.
  • Take a selection of books (or invest in a Kindle)- We are all book lovers here, but unfortunately it will be impossible for us to take our whole bookcase with us! My plan is always to take a selection of genres, maybe a few thrillers, a couple of YA novels and some classics to keep me going. A kindle could also be very handy, as it will not take up a lot of room like books do, and, on a student budget, it is a lot more economical. We all know that physical books are so much better though, so if in doubt, pack the 7 Harry Potter books, because if you have nothing else to read, there is no harm in re-reading them, EVER!

I hope this proves helpful to your packing! It is now just over 2 weeks until I start university, and it’s really starting to get real now. If you are in the same situation, stay focused and clear on why you are going, don’t panic and have a good time!

Next weeks post will be the last installment, and will contain information about how to connect with you uni and future classmates on social media!

Happy Thursday and Happy Blogging!

Jade 🙂

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I like books and tea. MA Children's Literature student.

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