BookMuffin’s Beginners Guide on Becoming a Good Student

BookMuffin’s Beginners Guide to Becoming a Good Student: The Final Week

BookMuffin’s Beginners Guide on Becoming a Good Student has been specifically designed for those of you who are venturing to university/college, or those of you who are already students and want to become a bit more organised.

This week’s topic is: Using Social Media to Your Advantage

Social Media is a massive part of everyone’s lives now, I mean, even my Nan is on Facebook! It comes in handy all the time; staying up to date with the news, latest celebrity gossip and knowing what your friends are up to at the weekend. We even use social media to write and read each other’s blogs!

When it comes to going to university, you will find that your institution will have several Facebook pages, Twitter and Pinterest accounts and blogs that tell you what current students are working on. There are so many ways you can connect with future and current students and your lecturers through social networks. See my tips below on how you can use these sites to your advantage:


  • Utilise this to stay up to date- The main university Facebook page will have Open Day dates published, with links to places you can get more information, and allows you to ask questions to current students about life at the university.
  • Look for more- A university will never just have a singular page for the whole uni. For example, mine has a main page, a Fresher’s page, a Student’s Union page AND a page dedicated to my course!
  • Communicating with future classmates- Through the use of the course page, I have managed to connect with people I’m going to be learning with next year. It’s great to know what different backgrounds everyone has come from, what experience they have and making friends before you arrive so you don’t feel as nervous!
  • Student’s Union- This page will publish events happening during Fresher’s Week and throughout your years at the university. Use this to stay updated so you don’t miss out on anything.
  • Fresher’s Page- This will allow you to meet other’s who aren’t necessarily on your course but you can connect with a wider community.


  • 140 characters can hold a lot of information- You university will use Twitter tooter you short bursts of information throughout the year. They can include links to competitions to get involved in and pages with a lot more information. Twitter can be quite irritating when you don’t get a lot of space to write, but short bursts of information can be handy.


  • Check out other student’s work- Pinterest accounts give the university the chance to showcase other students work from your future course, so you can get some inspiration and see the standard of work produced.
  • Gather stimuli- You can find a load of inspiration on Pinterest! Use it to gather photos and videos to help you with your work and find ideas for future projects

I hope this blog series has really helped you all and good luck with your time at college/university!

Happy Friday and Happy Blogging!

Jade 🙂

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I like books and tea. MA Children's Literature student.

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