Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday for 29/09/15


Top Ten Tuesday was originally started by The Broke And The Bookish, where a topic is given every Tuesday and the blogger then produces a top ten list of books to fit the weekly subject. The topic this week is ‘Ten Books To Read If You Like… The Fault In Our Stars ‘ so here it is:

1 & 2. The Way I See It/Talk To The Hand- Nicole Dryburgh

An autobiographical duo following Nicole and her battle to fight off cancer through rigorous treatment. A more realistic way of looking at the reality of cancer and cancer treatment.


3. My Sister’s Keeper- Jodi Picolut

An insightful novel that explores the affects that having a daughter with cancer has on a family, and how everyone has to contribute towards relationships and keeping them together, whether it be bone marrow or the simplicity/complexity of love.


4. Looking For Alaska- John Green

I chose this purely because it has the same writing style as TFIOS (because it’s from the same author!) and, while not necessarily following the theme of cancer, still tackles the difficult emotions that come with death and grieving.


5. If I Stay- Gayle Forman

Tells the story of a young girl in a battle between life and death, reliving memories and weighing up reasons to give up and go or fight and stay.


6. Me Before You- Jojo Moyes

A more mature ‘grown-up’ novel, tackling slightly more adult issues, but still with the theme of ‘woman loves man who is ill and the struggle of their relationship’.


7. Every Last Word- Tamara Ireland Stone

Again, not necessarily cancer, but tells the story of a boy and girl in a relationship where an illness can bring them together and make them stronger, or break them apart


8. All The Bright Places- Jennifer Niven

Probably the most recent book tat has been compared to TFIOS, explored the relationship between boy and girl, both with their own problems that bring them closer together, and again, there is a looming sense of bereavement towards the end.


9. The Boy In The Mirror- Tom Preston

This is a more recent read for me, but another autobiographical read that explains the real terrors and pains that come with battling cancer; has the real deal that is hidden behind the fiction novels.


10. Sorry, no 10 today 😦

All cover photos taken from Goodreads. Click on a book cover to see its Goodreads profile.

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