What Am I Currently Reading? – What Milo Saw

Hello everybody! This is a new feature on my blog, so bare with me while I figure out different things to put in it! I will use this time to discuss my current read with you all, and feel free to comment your opinions on this book and how you feel about I what I have written. It is really amore in depth look at my book on the go compared with the small snippet I give in Weekly Wednesday Update.

Book I Am Currently Reading: What Milo Saw by Virginia Macgregor

This was a request approved on NetGalley which i’ve had on my Kindle for a while now but I just haven’t got round to reading it. It’s an OK book, there are reasons why I am speeding through it quicker than I might have done, but it’s not an entirely bad book either…

What I like about this book:
Short chapters!! This is the main reason why I am getting through it so quickly, is because I feel bad putting it down when my Kindle says it will only take me 1 minute to read the next chapter! It’s not really the kind to leave you on edge at the end of a chapter, but it is a fairly gripping storyline, but not so much as other books I’ve read.
What I dislike about this book:
I think the reason behind me not enjoying it as much as I thought I would is because it’s quite a predictable storyline, although i could be proven wrong with a big twist at the end, it’s planning out to be a straightforward ending.

My favourite character:
I think Milo is so adorable, but Sandy is slowly teaching me things throughout the focused chapters on her that it’s OK not to be OK and that’s an important lesson that books can teach you!

What I think will happen at the end of the book:
As I’ve mentioned, I think the ending will be fairly predictable (Gran will get out the home, the evil Nurse Thornhill get caught, etc.) unless there is a big twist I’m just missing the hints…

That’s all for today, I hope that gives you a bit more of an insight as to what I’m reading this week, and I may have even persuaded you to look into reading the book yourself!
Happy Thursday and Happy Blogging!
Jade 🙂

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