What Am I Currently Reading? – Suicide Notes From Beautiful Girls

Hello everybody! This is a new feature on my blog, and I will use this time to discuss my current read with you all. Feel free to comment your opinions on this book and how you feel about I what I have written. It is really amore in depth look at my book on the go compared with the small snippet I give in Weekly Wednesday Update.

Book I Am Currently Reading: Suicide Notes From Beautiful Girls

I was approved this book on NetGalley, and I have had it on my Kindle for a while now, but only just getting round to reading it. I only started it last night but so much has happened already in terms of the story unravelling, which makes me think this book is going to be something special… we’ll see!

What I like about this book:

Well I’ve only read about 20% into the book, so I have a bit more of an open mind about the book, because I haven’t become too adjusted to the storyline just yet. I quite like the characterisation, and also the fact that the plot line is moving very fast. I hate it when books take ages to get into, but I know this one is not going to keep me waiting for questions and answers.

What I dislike about this book:

This is more difficult to judge, because I haven’t really come across anything so far in the book that I truly dislike. I’m not a massive fan of Delia’s character, but that might just be because I don’t know her well enough to make a proper judgement yet, but at the moment she doesn’t seem like my type of person.

My favourite character:

Ryan is the character that got my attention immediately, possibly because he has been fashioned around the most perfect boyfriend anyone could ever have! Again, things could change and it could just be a cover up character development for who he truly is, but I like him at the moment!

What I think will happen at the end of the book:

This is going to be really challenging, because, even though so much has happened already, there is also so much I don’t know about the situation, the characters, their relationships with one another, but I think that Delia was murdered instead of committing suicide, but who was involved, I don’t know, Tig or Ryan maybe, but I am in the dark at this point. I’m excited to see if any of these predictions come to light!


Happy Thursday and Happy Blogging!

Jade 🙂

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