Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday for 09/02/16


Top Ten Tuesday was originally started by The Broke And The Bookish, where a topic is given every Tuesday and the blogger then produces a top ten list of books to fit the weekly subject. The topic this week is ‘Top Ten Fictional Crushes‘ to celebrate Valentine’s Day so here it is:

1. Augustus Waters- The Fault In Our Stars

2. Henry DeTamble- The Time Traveler’s Wife

3. Will Traynor- Me Before You


4. Tobias Eaton- The Divergent Series


5. Gale Hawthorne- Author (Format)

6. Max Vandenburg- The Book Thief


7. Jim Taylor- The Versions of Us



Sorry it’s a short post this week, hope everyone has a good Valentine’s Day!!

By bookmuffin

I like books and tea. MA Children's Literature student.

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