A Quote For The Weekend

A Quote For The Weekend


I can relate this quotes much, sometimes more often than not. Recently, there have been a lot of things going on in my life, with university stress, not-very-nice housemates, a new job, and the constant desire to just jump in my car and drive home to my family and not have a care in the world. Whenever I’ve had enough of this reality that I’m so fed up with, I pick up my book and everything seems to melt away and my life instantly becomes better, because suddenly, I’m living the life of someone else. I’m no longer sitting in my dorm room feeling sorry for myself, but I am living the life of all of these magical characters within a book. Sometimes their life seems worse than my reality, which makes me feel grateful for the life I have the opportunity to live. Other characters live amazing lives I wish I could be part of, and for a moment, I become that character and begin to know what life could be like without worry. Truth is, we all have worries and stresses in our life that we wish we could get rid of, but also have amazing highlights that make those worries seem far off in the distance. Sometimes, though, it is really nice just to be able to escape reality and open a book!

Happy Weekend and Happy Blogging!

Jade πŸ™‚

By bookmuffin

I like books and tea. MA Children's Literature student.

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