Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday for 01/03/16


Top Ten Tuesday was originally started by The Broke And The Bookish, where a topic is given every Tuesday and the blogger then produces a top ten list of books to fit the weekly subject. The topic this week is ‘Top Ten Books to Read If You Are In The Mood For A Good Cry‘ so here it is:

1. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince- JK Rowling


2. The Other Me- Saskia Sarginson


3. The Versions of Us- Laura Barnett


4. The Fault in Our Stars- John Green


5. The Book Thief- Markus Zusak


6. The Time Traveler’s Wife- Audrey Niffenegger


7. All The Bright Places- Jennifer Niven


8. Me Before You- Jojo Moyes


9. Allegiant- Veronica Roth


10. Looking For Alaska- John Green


No Goodreads links this week I’m afraid…

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I like books and tea. MA Children's Literature student.

13 replies on “Top Ten Tuesday for 01/03/16”

Thank you, I am so bad for choosing books based on the guaranteed emotional levels! I am known for picking books that will make me cry, so much that I can read a synopsis to my nan, and as soon as I say ‘heart-breaking’ or ‘get the tissues ready’ she’ll comment that it’s definitely my type of book!! Me Before You ripped me to pieces, I’d love to reread it, and I can’t wait to get round to reading the sequel, and the film coming out in June! All so exciting!! Glad you enjoyed the book, have a fab rest of the week 🙂


I love a good emotional book, especially when I need an excuse to have a cry! I must reread The Time Traveler’s Wife as soon as I get the chance, and Book Thief for that matter! Thanks for commenting 🙂


I agree with your HP comment, a lot of people say Deathly Hallows, and yes there is the whole battle and so many people die, but Dumbledore’s death just rips my apart every time, Rowling does an amazing job with the writing in that scene in particular (but then, when does she not do an amazing job at writing!!)


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