A Quote For The Weekend

A Quote For The Weekend


I do believe this to be true to an extent. It is difficult to say that you rely on books to breathe in a completely scientifically sense, but I think there is another way to explain what I mean. In a more psychological way, people who have obsessively read books for as long as they remember, like a lot of us book bloggers have, probably rely on reading as a sole form of entertainment when not occupied with school, work, or seeing family and friends. An empty day completely to ourselves, and we would fill it with reading. Now, what would happen if we had no books? If, right now, someone where to wipe them off the face of the earth. All of us who relied on books as our source of entertainment would be aimlessly ambling around trying to find something mildly interesting to do. Our lives would become bland and boring because the one thing we enjoy doing no longer exists. I believe this is called ‘dying of boredom’ hence why we would need books to live.

A lot of people also say that books allow you to live more than one life, and sometimes just allow you to live, especially if you are going through a time when everything seems monotonous and nothing seems right. We rely on books, again, to allow us to live a life we want to live.

What are your thoughts on this quote? Do you need books to live? Would you manage to cope if they were taken off the face of the earth? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Weekend and Happy Blogging!

Jade 🙂

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I like books and tea. MA Children's Literature student.

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