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Allegiant: Book-to-Movie

I’d like to start this post by saying that there won’t be a What Am I Currently Reading post today because I have only just started ‘The Passenger’ by Lisa Lutz, but never fear, fellow bookworms! I have a one off exciting discussion-type post for you today, because I went to see Allegiant last night and damn I want to talk about it!


After Insurgent (you can read my adaptation review here), I wasn’t really sure what to expect, because I was frustrated with how little the producers had stuck to the book. I was, however, pleasantly surprised! Even though I read the book over a year ago, I found myself remembering parts of the book as I was watching. The way they got over the wall and out of Chicago, the Bureau of Genetic Welfare was very close to how I pictured it to be, and I thought the GP/GD factor and the Chicago experiment was described very well. I sometimes struggle with movies because they don’t always explain things in as much detail, largely due to the time restraints, but I felt like I could fly understand the story, it was refreshing to revisit it without reading the book again (no re-reading allowed for me this year!).

The actors, as is true for the previous films, were absolutely incredible, and I’m never going to complain when I see a bit of Theo James on the big screen! They capture they whole story and have certainly done their research on how their characters should act, because there is nothing half-hearted about it!

Of course, no movie can be completely true to the book, and things are going to be missing, but this was one of the most accurate adaptations I’ve seen in a while, and it has made me want to re-read the whole Divergent series (maybe next year?!). Despite what I thought, the film was split into two half, with the second half out next year under the different name(?!) of Ascendant. Why? Why? Why? Oh well, I guess the film industry have their own rules! I am really looking forward to seeing how that turns out, and if it stays as true to the second half of the book as the first half was. The only thing I will say is they better keep the ending because that major thing at the out end, yeah, you know the thing I mean, if that doesn’t happen then the whole film series will be completely ruined for me and I will personally be writing to the publishers about why they would miss such a heart breaking, tragic part from what could have been an incredible adaptation series!

Happy Thursday and Happy Blogging!

Jade 🙂

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