A Quote For The Weekend


So this isn’t exactly a quote as such, but I discovered this amazing word earlier in the week, and I believe it perfectly describes me as a reader, and quite possibly many of you as well! The joy of reading in bed is a great one, it’s soft and squishy, plenty of blankets, throws and cushions. You can snuggle down into the warm duvet, in your favourite hoodie and fluffy socks. You can relax and sink into the mattress after a long day and just forget the world around you with a book. As your eyes begin to close and you can’t stay awake for a moment longer, you are already in the perfect place to fall asleep… probably to wake up with your glasses askew on your face, bedside light still on and closed book on you stomach…you have lost you place!

Happy Weekend and Happy Blogging!

Jade 🙂


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