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Review of ‘The Killing Files’ by Nikki Owen

I was sent a copy of The Killing Files from Harper Collins and after reading the first installment in the trilogy- Subject 375- I was sucked in and had to more…

Below is my review, plus a sneaky peak at the front cover and description and places to buy:

About The Book


‘The Killing Files’ by Nikki Owen

No matter how fast you run, the past always catches up with you
Dr Maria Martinez is out of prison and on the run.
Her mission? To get back to the safety of her family.
Little does she know that this might be the most dangerous place of all…

My Review

The Killing Files is a sci-fi thriller which follows Maria, now on the run, and her mission to escape both The Project and MI5. Set in various places but mainly in her home country of Spain, the novel is written in a similar style to the first, whereas the present and the future are happening at the same time and meet at the end to create the chronology of the book and make sense to the reader. The events, especially towards the end, were definitely unpredictable, making the ending climactic and exciting, setting the reader up for an incredible end to the trilogy. The plot was fast paced and everything was logical and well researched by the author.

My favourite character, besides Maria who you can’t help but root for, was probably Chris, as he brought out the more relaxed side of Maria, and also Patricia, who did the same. Like ‘Subject 375’, most of the characters had well developed back stories which made them a lot more realistic.

The story definitely kept me guessing, and this was increased due to how the story was structured, beginning with Maria in an unidentified location that you only find out about towards the very end of the book. The best part of the book, in my opinion, was the end when the story got very exhilarating and everything started to be revealed and discovered slowly and pieces were put together.

I would definitely recommend The Killing Files to anyone interested in the thriller or sci-fi genre, as it definitely follows both down to a tee!

My Rating: 4.5 Muffins out of 5

Where To Buy

If you like the sound of the book, here is where you can buy the book (including, but not limited to):


The Book Depository

  Cover photo and description taken from Goodreads (view book profile here)

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