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Review of Flawless by Sara Shepard

After reading the first Pretty Little Liars book I was desperate to move on and find out more, but unfortunately I was disappointed with what I was given. The book, in itself, was not bad, but the continuation that I was expecting was not quite right.

Below is my review, plus a sneaky peak at the front cover and description and places to buy:

About The Book

‘Flawless’ by Sara Shepard

In the exclusive town of Rosewood, Pennsylvania, where the sweetest smiles hide the darkest secrets, four pretty little liars–Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Hanna–have been very bad girls. . . .

Spencer stole her sister’s boyfriend. Aria is brokenhearted over her English teacher. Emily likes her new friend Maya . . . as much more than a friend. And Hanna’s obsession with looking flawless is literally making her sick. But the most horrible secret of all is something so scandalous it could destroy their perfect little lives.
And someone named “A” is threatening to do just that.
At first they thought A was Alison, their friend who vanished three years ago . . . but then Alison turned up dead. So could A be Melissa, Spencer’s ultracompetitive sister? Or Maya, who wants Emily all to herself? What about Toby, the mysterious guy who left town right after Alison went missing?
One thing’s for certain: A’s got the dirt to bury them all alive, and with every crumpled note, wicked IM, and vindictive text message A sends, the girls get a little closer to losing it all.

My Review

Flawless is a Young Adult mystery thriller novel, the continuation of the Pretty Little Liars series, and looks into the messages from A in more depth, and devlops relationships between the characters. Set in Rosewood, Emily, Hanna, Spencer and Aria continue to go about their daily lives, but still receiving messages from the strange ‘A’ who seems to know everything about them, and continues to threaten them. As much as the events have changed with the storyline, what happens is pretty similar to the first book, which made it slightly less interesting for me. The outcome was predictable, as we all know conclusions can’t be made that quickly based on no particular evidence, but one of the end events was unseen and changed the situation the girls were in quite considerably, which made the ending climactic (although I do believe it is slightly different in the TV series, but I haven’t seen it!). Due to the fact that the plot was so similar to the previous book, I found it quite slow paced, but all logically thought out and nothing left untied (apart from the end which continues on to the third book).
My favourite character was probably Emily, as she seemed the most true to herself during the book, and I felt I could empathise with her situations at times. The other characters did feel occasionally real for me, through dealing with their everyday problems, but could also feel slightly plastic in others, especially Hanna’s character.

Inwas kept guessing throuh most of it, constantly thinking about who A could be, then we still don’t find out, but knowing we won’t find out sometimes ruins the fun of guessing. My favourite part of the book was the ending, because it was the most exciting part, and compared to the rest of the book, it was actually living up to the genre classificat of ‘thrilling’. These parts were written particularly well, as it created a tension that wasn’t there for the rest of the book, so also provided a contrast. After this, I’m not sure whether I will end up reading the next book in the series, because althought the ending made me want to find out more and what will happen next, I don’t want to repeat what I just went through of reading similar plot lines repeated throigh the books with a thrilling end.

If you enjoyed the first book, you are most likely going to want to read the next one in the series, but I would like to advise you it can be quite ‘same-y’ in places, so beware of that, but if looking for a continuation of the story then by all means go ahead, especially if you want to continue through the rest of the books and find out who A is!

My Rating: 3 Muffins out of 5

Where To Buy

If you like the sound of the book, here is where you can buy the book (including, but not limited to):


The Book Depository 

  Cover photo and description taken from Goodreads (view book profile here)

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