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Review of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Great Gatsby is the book that has been on my TBR list for the longest, it’s always been at the top of my Goodreads shelf as the first book I added and it has taken me years to get round to reading it! Im very glad I decided to tackle this modern classic because I did really enjoy it, more that I initially thought.

Below is my review, plus a sneaky peak at the front cover and description and places to buy:

About The Book

‘The Great Gatsby’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald’s glittering Jazz Age masterpiece.

Jay Gatsby is a self-made man, famed for his decadent champagne-drenched parties. Despite being surrounded by Long Island’s bright and beautiful, Gatsby longs only for Daisy Buchanan. In shimmering prose, Fitzgerald shows Gatsby pursue his dream to its tragic conclusion. The Great Gatsby is an elegiac and exquisite portrait of the American Dream. 

My Review

The Great Gatsby is a modern American classic that follows Jay Gatsby in a state of wealth, trying to chase his dream of being with the girl he was caotivated by years before, but who is now married. Narrated by Gatsby’s neighbour Nick Carraway, the reader gets an insight into his life, Gatsby’s life and Daisy and Tom’s life, the couple that live across the way. Being such a short book, everything has quite a quick turn around, but flashbacks help us to understand the story, charcaters and their relationships better in the midst of all of the parties and dates and other events. I never knew the story of The Great Gatsby, so the plot line was definitely unpredictable, especially the stunning conclusion. Everything seemed logical, with the climactic ending sewing everything together.

I very much enjoyed Gatsby’s character for his charm and ease of life, but I think Daisy was also a wonderfully written character. The characters did feel quite real to me, while the situations may have been slightly ‘out-there’ in some places, the charcaters felt very realistic.

The storyline was one of those that does keep you guessing, because you never really know how it’s going to end. It’s not like a thriller where you’re guessing the culprit throughout, but rather trying to guess how the character’s lives will turn out at the end of the book. My favourite part of the book was the argument scene between Gatsby and Tom, because it was the moment I found everything got very serious and heated and added a bit of oomph to everything. Scenes like this that were a bit more heated were written very well, but also the more romantic scenes, as I think these were the ones that captured the most emotion in the character’s relationships with each other.

Overall, I’m glad I finally got round to reading this book, because it was exciting and capturing in a way I didn’t think it would be. I would recommend it to any fan of classic literature, as it really is up there with the book you must read before you die.

My Rating: 4 Muffins out of 5

Where To Buy

If you like the sound of the book, here is where you can buy the book (including, but not limited to):


The Book Depository

  Cover photo and description taken from Goodreads (view book profile here)


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