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Stories: An Introduction


It’s the first Sunday of July, which means it’s time for a new discussion series. This is when I write to think more deeply about books, why we read, and why literature is so important in our lives. This new collection of discussion posts is called Stories, and aims to explore four of my favourite books, discussing characters and their relationships with each other, and how they are affected by predominant symbols in the story. Today, I will be able to treat you to two posts! This will be an introduction to the series, and following will be my first essay. These essays were written as part of my final 2nd year university project, but if anyone has any thoughts on anything I write, then please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments, as it will be very interesting to see what others have found when reading these books. For now, here is the introduction to the Stories series…

Stories: An Introduction

Books. Stories within books. Themes within stories. Symbols within themes. Everything that makes up a book interrelates and come together as the finished piece. This collection of essays looks specifically at the literary theories that appear in chosen stories, particularly thematic and symbolic approaches, and how they are presented in the writing to express character relationships.

The story collection itself is very personal. They are spread out over several years of a reading journey and have an abundance of meaning and emotion. These stories teach lessons, give morals, and are the kind that made you fall into them, and out of reality.

Literature is tough subject, because it can either be extremely interesting or extremely dull. Either way, it says things about the world that we don’t tend to think about on a day to day basis. It teaches us about ways of thinking, aspects of life, and the power that books can have in influencing our views and opinions. We learn about fictional worlds that can help us further understand our own, and how the smallest things can make a big difference. This collection of stories carries the interest of how ideas and concepts are conveyed through the strength of words.

Even in something as simple as storyline construction and narrative elements, it is important to have the support of theoretical knowledge as a foundation to build on. This set of essays aims to delve deeper into literary theories, and explore their applications, taking you on a journey through particular character relationships and how symbolism has been applied to their development. They set out to explore how these stories have been written using the predetermined theoretical foundations, and how this narratology has been used to leave an imprint on the reader.

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