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I Bought Some Books… August Book Haul

Hello fellow bookworms! I don’t often do book hauls over here, but I didn’t have any other post ideas have made a few exciting purchases this month I thought I would share with you. It is very possible that I will be buying more books before the month is up, but this is what I have so far…



I absolutely loved this story as a child, but with such a massively long TBR, I haven’t had the chance to read it… I didn’t even own my own copy. So now I’m one step closer to re-reading one of my favourite children’s stories. There’s not many bookworms out there who can’t relate to Matilda as a character in some way!



This has been one of my favourite reads this year, and definitely one I want to read again! However, I had to borrow my sister’s copy the first time, and thought one of my own would a great addition to my shelf (especially if I’m planning on reading it again!)

Carry On


I couldn’t read Fangirl and not pick up Carry On straight after! I haven’t had the chance to actually read it yet, but now it’s part of my collection, it’s staring at me in the face waiting to be opened, and I honestly can’t wait!

Library of Souls


I have been enjoying this trilogy so much, I had to pick up the final book so I could get to it as soon as I finished Hollow City! I’ve actually started reading this one and it’s already making out to be the great finale to the series!

Little Women


I read about half of Little Women quite a few years ago but never got to finish it. As soon as I saw this gorgeous edition in Waterstones, I felt compelled to finish the story, and what better way to do that than with such a pretty hardcover!

They Both Die At The End


I was very lucky to get my hands on this one! I wasn’t a massive fan of History Is All You Left Me, but I am willing to give Adam Silvera another chance, mainly because the premise of this book sounds amazing! I’m hoping to get to it soon and join in the discussion when it’s released in a few weeks!

So those are all the books I have acquired since the beginning of August, and I do hope to gather another small pile before the end of the month… maybe?! Let me know it there’s any books on this list I should push up my TBR!

Until next time…

Jade πŸ™‚

By bookmuffin

I like books and tea. MA Children's Literature student.

9 replies on “I Bought Some Books… August Book Haul”

I haven’t read any of these books yet! But I do have Fangirl on my TBR-shelf at home. Same goes for Library of Souls – I have yet to read the second installment but I’m keeping those for Sequel September, haha.

Really looking forward to reading They Both Die At The End, but I have yet to get my hands on it.

Nice haul!


is Library of Souls the last book? I thought there were was going to be a 4th?! (I’ve only read the 1st book actually) AGH MATILDA A childhood favourite! Definitely, want to re-read! They Both Die At The End has been getting so much hype – I so want to read it.


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