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Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy


Hello fellow bookworms! I finally got round to finishing Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy, and thoroughly enjoyed it for the most part, but of course, being a short story bind up, it was difficult to love every single story. I will be doing short overall review, plus a brief look at what I thought about the stories individually as well…

Below is my review, plus a sneaky peak at the front cover and description and places to buy:

About The Book


Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy by Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan, Maureen Johnson and Robin Wasserman

Ten illustrated stories following the adventures of Simon Lewis, star of the #1 New York Times bestselling series The Mortal Instruments, as he trains to become a Shadowhunter. Simon has been a human and a vampire, but after the events of City of Heavenly Fire left him stripped of his memories, he isn’t sure who he is any more. When the Shadowhunter Academy reopens, Simon throws himself into this new world of demon-hunting, determined to find himself again. Whomever this Simon might be… Join him on his journey to become a Shadowhunter, and learn about the Academy’s illustrious history along the way, through guest lecturers such as Jace Herondale, Tessa Gray, and Magnus Bane. The series features characters from Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments, Infernal Devices, Dark Artifices and the upcoming Last Hours series.

My Review

Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy follows on from Clare’s fantasy books, The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices and The Dark Artifices (although having read Lady Midnight before this, I recommend reading this before the TDA books!) Set mainly in Idris, at the centre of education and training for young and aspiring Shadowhunters, this set of stories was the perfect way to see Simon in his new life after The Mortal Instruments, as well as getting to know some characters we didn’t get the the chance to meet in the books beforehand.

Favourite story: The Whitechapel Fiend or Nothing But Shadows

Least favourite story: The Evil We Love or Bitter of Tongue

Favourite new character (not appearing in previous books): James Herondale or George Lovelace

Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy

I really enjoyed this introductory story to set the scene at the Academy, and also introduce us to some amazing characters we get to know over the rest of the stories. Didn’t have the history like the other stories did, but still a great story!

My Rating: 4 Muffins out of 5

The Lost Herondale

It was great to be able to link this story to what I had read in Lady Midnight and Lord of Shadows, and Catarina is such an interesting character. Slightly confusing at times, could do with a Herondale family tree, but a good story nonetheless.

My Rating: 4 Muffins out of 5

The Whitechapel Fiend

I loved this story, I didn’t realise how much I missed the Infernal Devices gang! Jem, Will and Tessa are such a perfect team, and I loved having the British history of Jack the Ripper behind this one! A definite favourite of mine!

My Rating: 5 Muffins out of 5

Nothing but Shadows

Another story I thoroughly enjoyed, with the very relatable James Herondale, and a perfectly formed friendship in the end. This one also raises interesting questions for series to come, with the Shadowhunter-Warlock combination.

My Rating: 5 Muffins out of 5

The Evil We Love

Not my favourite, I must admit, but still had some Shadowhunter history and a good storyline. It was one of the longer stories, but I feel like I already know a lot about Valentines Circle, it just didn’t spark my interest like some of the other stories did.

My Rating: 3.5 Muffins out of 5

Pale Kings and Princes

This was an interesting story on the faerie front, as we get more insight into what happened to Andrew and Arthur from The Dark Artifices, and how they came to know the faeries they way they did. Intriguing, and I’ve always loved Helen’s character throughout the books, it was great to read more about her life during the Cold Peace.

My Rating: 4 Muffins out of 5

Bitter of Tongue

I was a bit disappointed with this one, I felt very confused by the whole kidnapping fiasco, but I think I find faerieland in general a little bit confusing and overwhelming. Also, why is Izzy always there? Not that I’m complaining, but sometimes it didn’t make much sense to have her turn up out of the blue.

My Rating: 3.5 Muffins out of 5

The Fiery Trial

Having read Lady Midnight and Lord of Shadows beforehand (which isn’t recommended but it doesn’t matter too much!) I knew and loved Emma and Julian’s characters so much already. It was great to see more of Clary, and to also experience a Parabatai ceremony! There are also glimpses of Julian’s feelings towards Emma, but those are to be revealed in TDA!

My Rating: 4.5 Muffins out of 5

Born to Endless Night

Hooray for Malec!! I absolutely adore Magnus’ character, and his relationship with Alec is so perfect! This was another one of the longer stories, but I felt like this had more content that leant itself to future books, rather than expanding on information in previous books like The Evil We Love. The Lightwood family were a great addition to the story, and Simon’s relationship with Magnus and Alec was strengthened as well.

My Rating: 4 Muffins out of 5

Angels Twice Descending

This was definitely the most heart-wrenching story of them all! We get an insight into what happens when a mundane ascends and becomes a Shadowhunter, and how they are feeling leading up to that point when everything in their life is going to change. Also, for those who have read it, you will understand why the end was just too much for me to bare!

My Rating: 5 Muffins out of 5


Where To Buy

If you like the sound of the book, here is where you can buy the book (including, but not limited to):


The Book Depository

What were your favourite stories from the Shadowhunter Academy? Did we enjoy the same ones? I’d love to know what you thought in the comments!

Until next time…

Jade 🙂


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