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Hello fellow bookworms! It’s been a while since I’ve done a tag post, and I came across this one on Kristin Kraves Books and I just had to do it because it looked like loads of fun!

Find books for each of your initials

Count your age along your bookshelf, what book is it?

I’m not next to my bookshelf at the moment so I guessed…


Update: I counted and I was only 3 off my guess! It’s meant to be Catching Fire!

A book set in your country


A book set somewhere you want to travel to


Book cover in your favourite colour


Book(s) you have the fondest memory of

Book you had the most difficulty reading


Book on your TBR that will be your biggest accomplishment when you finish it


That’s all for today, if anyone fancies adding another tag post to their never ending post list, then consider youself tagged! I hope you enjoy writing this as much as I did!

Until next time…

Jade πŸ™‚

By bookmuffin

I like books and tea. MA Children's Literature student.

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