Gilmore Girls Has Changed My Life


Hello fellow bookworms! I’ve been in a reading slump recently, and I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix… I’ve never had a chance to watch Gilmore Girls, there are so many series and I’ve always been so busy, but I wanted something new to watch in the new year, and my sister wouldn’t stop saying how much I would enjoy it, so I gave it a go. Here’s how, since watching, Gilmore Girls has changed my life…


This seems like a strange one, seeing as watching TV is something that usually takes away any productive time, but because Gilmore Girls isn’t a show you have to binge watch (although it’s nice to have the occasional marathon!), it’s easier to watch on work breaks and in the evening. Watching Rory study, working hard and succeeding in everything she sets out to do has been so motivational for me to continue to work hard in the last few months of my degree, and hopefully succeed as much as she does!



Gilmore Girls’ characters are built on their relationships with each other. I remember, after watching the first episode, reminding my mum just how much I loved her! The relationship I have with my mum is so special, especially now I’m old enough to do more mother-daughter stuff together. Seeing Lorelai’s relationship with her parents has also made me realise how much I should appreciate my parents and spend time with them. Friendly relationships are also so important, and Rory and Paris’ relationship has taught me that friendship is a rocky road, but when it succeeds it really is great!


I think one of the main relationships present, however, is the romantic ones! I know it never happens like it does in the movies or on the TV, but it was so inspiring seeing how Lorelai and Rory deals with everything their boyfriends threw at them. I’m only at the beginning of Season 5, so no Rory/Logan or Luke/Lorelai spoilers please! It’s also been motivational for me to try a bit harder socialising and meeting new people, as I can see how amazing being in a relationship can be!


Live more

Besides working my socks off at uni, Gilmore Girls has been inspired me to really live my life, and not be scared to do things outside my comfort zone. Lorelai and Sookie realised their dream with founding the Dragonfly Inn, and it wouldn’t have been possible without taking risks, as well as working hard! There were plenty of things Rory did with Jess that she never would have dreamed of doing, and it made me realise how important it is to live a little bit more. You only live one life, right?!


Laugh more

Sometimes stuff that seems like a big deal really doesn’t matter in the long run, and we should just laugh it off like we would do in years to come anyway! Enjoy comedy and funny cat pictures, and stop worrying too much about the future. Live in the here and now, and laugh it off! It’s great seeing how the characters of Gilmore Girls deal with their problems, and Lorelai is always looking on the bright side of life, making jokes and seeing the best in difficult situations.


Eat more

I often worry about how much I eat, especially junk food, and I don’t think I would ever go as far as eating out all the time or having takeaways and junk food on hand, but I’ve come to appreciate the fact that it’s okay to treat myself, it all comes down to living more and having a more exciting life!


That’s it for today’s post, I had so much fun writing this and thinking about how much this programme has influenced me, and if you’ve never watched Gilmore Girls, I highly recommend it! It’s such a feel good show and the characters are great, perfect for when you’re in a bit of a reading slump!

Until next time…

Jade πŸ™‚

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Gilmore Girls is my life! Sometimes I have the feeling everything happening to me is related to this show in one way or another. My birthday is the same day as Rory’s, my father is Christopher, my stepfather is like Luke, even the guys I dated were a bit like Dean & Jess (still waiting for the rich guy though πŸ˜€ ) Glad to see that there are so many people who love this show as much as I do!

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