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5 Tips For Staying Happy (and Healthy!) During Quarantine


Hello fellow bookworms! We’re currently in the middle of a, pretty much worldwide, pandemic, with a lot of people having to quarantine themselves and socially distance themselves from others. On top of the anxiety and panic the virus is causing, being stuck inside, potentially alone, is not an ideal situation for a lot of people.

I’ve created a short blog series, Bookworm Survival Kit: 2020 Edition, to help you get through the current situation.

My first post recommended 5 audiobooks to keep you occupied while you work from home. Now we’re reached the weekend and we need to make sure we’re all looking after ourselves and not tempted to do a bit of extra work while we have such easy access to our day to day workload. Leave it alone. You still get your weekends. Permit yourself the two days at the end of the week to take a break and refresh just like you would any other week. This may feel different, but it shouldn’t be any different. Look after yourself. I’m here today to suggest 5 small things you can do during your week and the weekends to make sure you stay healthy and you are the happiest you can be in this difficult time.

5 Tips For Staying Happy (and Healthy!) During Quarantine

1. Use hand cream after hand washing

I honestly cannot stress this enough! If you don’t use some sort of moisturiser on your hands then by the time this is all over I’ll be surprised if you have any skin left on your hands. Try drying them using a soft towel to be a bit more gentle with them as you are stripping them of oil every time you wash them. I use this one, which recommended for extremely dry hands and is working wonders with mine (it’s also unscented for those of you who struggle to find a nice one or don’t like any of the more common ones).

hand wash

2. Get dressed

You may not be leaving the house* and having to go into the office but you should still make the time to shower every day and get dressed. I’m absolutely not suggesting you wake up every morning and put on your freshly pressed suits or heels, but just don’t stay in your pyjamas. Trust me, you will be a lot more productive if you’re not in the position to easily go back to bed and take a nap. I wear a hoodie, leggings, and my slippers, but that’s all you need… clean clothes is a clean mind and puts you in the position to start each day fresh.

*quick side note – I do recommend you try and leave the house for some fresh air if you are not in quarantine. A 20 minute walk on your lunch break will boost your productivity and replace the exercise you’re undoubtedly losing from missing your walk to the office and gym closures.

get dressed

3. Continue to eat well

I know it’s so easy to stress eat and I know the supermarkets are currently a free-for-all rampage in the mornings, and an empty bear cave after the first hour, but you got to try your best to eat your veggies. Try your best to eat as healthy as possible, especially if you’re not getting the exercise you would normally. I’m not saying you should just eat fruit and vegetables, believe me, I had a very big stuffed crust pizza last night, so you can definitely permit yourself to have some bad days, but make sure you’re balancing it and eating everything in moderation- follow this advice and you’ll thank me on the other side!


4. Meditate

Another thing which has recently come in to action is the meditation apps Calm and Headspace are offering free access to resources to help with anxiety and support your mental and emotional wellbeing during this difficult time. I personally use Headspace, but I have used Calm in the last, and both apps are great if you need a quick calm down, or if you’re looking for something longer to sooth you into sleep. Please take advantage of these resources, especially if you are struggling at this time.


5. Keep a sleep routine

Raise your hand if you find doing nothing all day is really tiring… yep, I know the feeling, but it’s very rare you would be able to take a nap at work on your lunch, so try not to now. Try to get the same amount of sleep you would on any other day. I’m not saying keep to the same sleep-wake schedule (but it’s great if you can!), but if you can at least get the same amount of sleep you would do normally and try to stick roughly to your bedtime routine then it will be so much easier to transition when we’re all getting back into work as usual. Think about that first-day-back-after-a-2-week-holiday feeling… not good is it? Don’t let it get like that!



Do you have any other tips to add to this list? Leave them in the comments below and let me know what you’re doing to stay at least part-sane during the next few weeks

Take care everyone.

Until next time…

Jade 🙂

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I wasn’t doing the moisturizer one at first and my hands definately felt it! Tho I have been doing it now so they are better! Also adding to that, I had to make sure I was drinking enough water! I drank a ton of water at work and my first few days at home I drank barely any and I felt it!


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