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Hi, I’m Jade, and I’m a 24 year old bookworm based in South East England! I am currently working in publishing and studying for an MA in Children’s Literature. I enjoy books, tea and Harry Potter. I also nap a lot.

I like to enjoy reading YA, fantasy, and literary fiction books. Oh and I’ll re-read Harry Potter at least once a year as well, so don’t be concerned with a sudden rush a Potter-related posts, their appearance on this blog is inevitable, and if you don’t like it, I suggest you go no further into the realm of BookMuffin!

You will also find plenty of lists on BookMuffin (I enjoy lists) and bookish discussions, as well as the occasional review.

Thank you for taking the time to explore BookMuffin, I hope you have a whale of a time! 🐳


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Thank you for the nomination Matt! I do awards, i only do them once, but i have never done this one so I would be happy to continue the Very Inspiring Blogger award πŸ™‚
Thanks again for the nomination and I will try and post it very soon!

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Dear Sir/Madame,
My name is Wendy Saddler, and I am with Authors, Large and Small. We represent books from new and more established writers. We invite you to review Blind Shady Bend, a women’s fiction novel by Adina Sara set up in the California gold country. (Regent Press, Berkeley, CA) The book is about starting a new life when you are older and living your dreams.
This book is available as a paperback and an e-book and Adina Sara would also welcome the chance to be interviewed.

Hannah Blackwell has led a dull and dutiful life. Widowed young, she moved back to her childhood home to care for her ailing parents, and somehow never left. As she approaches her seventh decade, she often struggles to find reasons to get out of the house.
That all changes the day she receives a registered letter informing her that she has inherited a five-acre parcel on an unpaved road, complete with a rundown shack and unmanageable weeds, in the Sierra Nevada foothills. The inheritance, from a renegade brother she hasn’t seen in 30 years, forces Hannah out of her well-worn routines and into a world of rugged and unfamiliar possibilities.
Hoping to find clues to her brother’s life, she visits the property, finding herself fascinated by its harsh landscap, and drawn to the odd assortment of neighbors who surround her. As Hannah’s connection to the land and the neighbors deepens, she uncovers fragments of her brother’s life, as well as the many ways in which she has abandoned her own.
Blind Shady Bend tells the story of ordinary people whose lives can change radically and passionately, no matter how stuck they may feel, no matter their age.
“Gently and poetically, Sara takes us on a journey into rural America where lives twine together in unexpected ways. Her characters are as rich as the landscape she so beautifully describes.” – Beverly Olevin, author, The Good Side of Bad, Winner Kirkus Discoveries Best Fiction 2010 ABOUT THE AUTHOR Adina Sara is the author of 100 Words Per Minute: Tales From Behind Law Office Doors (Regent Press 2006) and The Imperfect Garden, A Memoir (Regent Press 2009). She was the feature garden columnist for The MacArthur Metro, a Bay Area newspaper, and her poetry and essays have appeared in various publications including East Bay Express, Oxygen and Peregrine Press. She resides in Oakland, California.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact either myself or my colleague Cristina Deptula at cedeptula@sbcglobal.net

Thank you very much,
Wendy Saddler


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