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How I Tackled The Dreaded Dissertation


Hello fellow bookworms! It’s Sunday, so I decided to prepare a discussion style post for today. It’s not necessarily completely book related, but more a helpful hints and tips post for all you university students out there. As many of you know, I’m in my final year of university, which means I was required to write a dissertation. For those of you who don’t know what a dissertation is, it’s basically an extended piece of writing, like an essay but quadruple the length. Due to the fact that I study a creative course, I also have to complete one last project, the Final Major, which means I had slightly less time to concentrate on my dissertation (but it also meant it was a bit shorter than most!) I wanted to share a few things I did throughout the research and writing process which might help some of you, whether you’re just starting uni or panicking about essay writing (yes, these hints will hopefully help with essays too!)

Just a quick note to say I only handed my dissertation in early last week, so I don’t have my marks back yet, so if I end up failing I’ll let you know so you can completely ignore all the things I say in this post!

Start thinking of ideas over the summer

You know you have to write a dissertation, so why not start getting ideas about what you want to write about while you have the time to think and not drowning in other work to do. You might already have a rough idea what you want to do, but you have to have a fairly specific topic, but still open enough so you can conduct extensive and in depth research on it. Not too big, but not too small! Your supervisor can help, if you present them with some ideas, they can assist you in narrowing down the field of study.


Begin researching straight away

As soon as you have that rough idea, and you’re back at uni with the resources available to you, start researching. Gather quotes that interest you around the topic, and find books that might be of note later on. I did some reading before my first meeting with my supervisor, and I ended up actually using some of the quotes I found in that research session in the final dissertation! Get a head start, you won’t regret it!


Engage fully with your supervisor

It is so important to go to every meeting with your supervisor, and if you have a question about anything you are unsure of, email them, or organise an extra meeting with them if it’s quite a complex question, or if you are confused. They are there to support you every step of the way, so make sure you take advantage of them being there while you can. When it’s one week from the deadline and you are asking questions you should have known weeks ago, they probably won’t be too pleased! Your supervisor and your connection with them throughout the dissertation period will be invaluable, so make sure you get on well with them, and ask as many questions as possible. Pick their brains, because they know what they’re talking about!


Keep up with the workload

I’m not going to lie by saying a dissertation isn’t hard, because it is, but it’s even harder if you don’t keep up with the work. If you can, do a little bit every day, and write down everything that comes into your head, even if you think it might not be relevant in the end. Do some research, even if it’s just half an hour a day, you will soon see your research and collection of quotes growing. The more you read, the more questions you can ask your supervisor as well, which means they can point you in the right direction. if you don’t keep up with the research, how are they meant to know how to help? It will also save a lot of stress in the long run.


Get to know the guidelines

Most supervisors will tell you before you even start meeting with them that the dissertation will have to be formatted in a certain way. This includes making sure you have the correct font size, line spacing, and chapter system. Nailing the formatting, and knowing exactly how it needs to be presented in the first few weeks of researching will save a lot of stress at the end, because it’s one less thing to worry about.


Immerse yourself

It’s no good writing about a subject half-heartedly. To write a really good dissertation, just like any essay, you really have to immerse yourself in your topic. Try to know everything about this small corner of the world you have decided to research, know it so well that you don’t stumble if someone questions you about it. Getting to know your topic inside out will make you more confident when it comes to writing the dissertation.


Know when to stop researching

Even when I started the writing process, I still came across a few things I needed to research or get quotes to back up my argument, but it is so important to know when you have enough research to start writing, otherwise you really could be stuck researching forever. Set yourself parameters for everything you think you need to know about your topic and research them in as much depth as possible. Once you feel all bases are covered, start writing! Starting the writing process is the scariest part but it also feels so good, because you are on the home stretch. Researching and finding the information you need to form your argument can be the most stressful part!


Use the holidays

You’ll hate me for saying this, but you need to make use of your Christmas holidays. Personally, I wrote my first draft over Christmas, and while it meant I didn’t have a lot of free time to relax, I was ahead of schedule when I got back in January. This also means that, as soon as the first draft is written, that’s it. All of your ideas are down on paper, and editing is a breeze compared to everything you have tackled up until then! But please make sure you do take time to relax as well, to keep the stress levels down (if possible!)


Writing the first draft

Don’t write in chapter order. I always leave the introduction until last, because even though you have an idea of what you want to talk about in each section, your writing can take you to wild places, and you can end up discussing some things you didn’t initially plan to discuss. Write the main chapters first, and make sure you form a strong argument. They say the reader shouldn’t have to read a sentence twice to understand it, so make sure the writing is clear. I learnt a great argument structure in school, which was known as P.E.E. Some of you may know it, but it stands for Point, Example, Explain. You need to go slightly further with a dissertation considering the level of work that is expected, so I swap the Explain for Analyse (P.E.A, it still works!). Make your point, give an example in the form of an visual or description, and then analyse that point. That structure was really helpful for me to make sure I was fully explaining my arguments. Do this for every point you make, making sure you back up everything you say with quotes, and you’re on the right track. I recommend finishing your first draft slightly under the word count, so when you come to edit, if you’re adding loads in, you don’t tip over the maximum (I was so close to doing this, but I managed to keep it under the max word count by about 100 words in the end!)



Once the first draft is written, editing feels a lot easier. All of your ideas are there, and you just have to make sure they are explained clearly, and you are getting your point across without using too many words. Simplify it right down, and get others to read parts you are unsure of. You have just spent 4 months researching and writing, you know the topic so well it makes absolute sense to you, but someone who knows nothing about the topic needs to be able to understand the point you are trying to make. Now no offence to any members of your family, but get them to read it, because if they can understand it, it means you have done a good job! In the end, I completed about 5 edits of my dissertation, each one taking about a week to complete. There is so much to keep in your mind when reading through your writing, so it’s sometimes easier to just focus on one thing at a time, for example, does everything make sense, have I explained this clearly, have I backed up my argument, etc. These are all key things to be on the lookout for. Whilst editing, make sure you make a note of any parts you are unsure about, and get your supervisor to read through them in your meetings. They will be able to see if there is anything missing, or reassure you that it does make sense and you are just overthinking it (which happened to me quite a bit!)


Print and finish early

It may seem like a waste of time, but printing early and handing in even a few days before the deadline saves so much stress on your end. Make sure your printing is fairly good quality, and all the pages are in the right order. If you need to bind the dissertation, make sure this is done in good time in case something goes wrong and you have reprint and rebind it. Giving yourself that extra time means you have leeway if things go wrong. You also feel a lot less rushed, which means less stress (and it also makes you look super organised if your ready to hand in days before anyone else!)

And once you’ve printed, bound, and slotted your piece of blood, sweat and tears dissertation into your supervisor’s pigeon hole, all will feel right with the world, and a weight will be lifted off your shoulders…until it’s time to start the next assignment!


For those of you who are writing your dissertation now, or getting to the point where you are thinking about writing, even if you’re not writing it until next year, I wish you all the best of luck, and I hope you found these hints and tips on how I tackled the dissertation helpful to your own studies. Feel free to leave comments if you want to know anything else, and I will try my best to help. Of course, I am only a student, but I can advise the best I can based on my own experience!

Until next time…

Jade 🙂

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Hamilton // An American Musical in London

Hello fellow bookworms! I was extremely lucky in January 2017 to get tickets to the one of the greatest musical of our generation! Yesterday, the day had finally arrived for my sister and me to journey up to London to see Hamilton! Leading up to the day, having had the tickets for almost a year, it still unbelievable that we were actually going. It wasn’t until we were outside the theatre that it really hit me that we were seeing it in a few hours! It was one of the best musical experiences of my life, and I wanted to share everything I loved about it with you (with minimal spoilers, of course)!

Listening to the recording vs. Seeing the musical

I’ve been a massive fan of Hamilton for a while now, and until yesterday, I only had the soundtrack to tell the story. In case you’re not that familiar with Hamilton, it is an all-music musical, which means there’s no scripted speech in between. This meant that I could get a pretty good grasp of the story without having seen it live. That said, going to see it, and having that soundtrack you know so well come to life, you really can’t compare it with any other feeling. All those times you wish you knew what that scene looked like, and now you can listen and visualise to your hearts content! The only real difference was the recording is Original Broadway cast, and we saw the Original West End cast. It was great to see how they kept it so close to the original songs, but still out their own spin on things!

The Actors and their Characters

Alexander Hamilton

We were lucky enough to see Jamael Westman as Hamilton, and I couldn’t find fault with his performance! He was on par with Lin-Manuel Miranda as the lead character, and it was such a pleasure to see someone take on this massive role, step into Lin’s shoes, and do a phenomenal job! (Also he was super tall so he towered above everyone else in the cast!)

Aaron Burr

Pardon me, are you Aaron Burr, sir? We saw Sifiso Mazibuko, principle standby for Aaron Burr, and he was amazing! The power in his voice was incredible, and Wait For It, which is one of my favourites in the musical, was great. There was so much emotion in his character, and Dear Theodosia broke me as well!

John Laurens/Philip Hamilton

What can I say apart from the fact that Cleve September’s voice is incredible! It certainly belongs on stage, and he played Philip very, very well, I cried a lot in Stay Alive (Reprise)!


Jason Pennycooke was hilarious! Lafayette is such a character, and man, he can rap! I knew is would be difficult to follow in Daveed Diggs footsteps, and Pennycooke didn’t disappoint. His role as Jefferson was played just as well, Jefferson has a massive personality, and he really made the character his own, which made it special and unique for the audience as well!

Hercules Mulligan/James Madison

Wow, what a voice! Mulligan always had to have a powerful voice, and Tarinn Callender was made for this role! The visual representation of Madison was different to what I expected, but his relationship with Jefferson was great, and will change the way I listen to his character sing in a good way.

George Washington

Another extremely powerful voice, he really belted out every word! One Last Time was a lot more emotional than I thought it would be, and Right Hand Man was brilliant with the entire cast! Obioma Ugoala stepped up to the challenge of President and most certainly achieved the goal!

King George

Oh my gosh! King George has so much characterisation that the person playing can’t be afraid to make the songs their own! The best thing about Johnathon Groff on the recording is he is an American singing with a British accent, which made almost more accented and pronounced, and really funny. Michael Jibson did just that! He put a unique twist on all of King George’s songs, and the facial expression and little movements along with it absolutely made his role what it was! I couldn’t wait for him to reappear on stage each time, and he even appeared in a few songs towards the end in the background, which added a but of comedy to the performance! A magnificent performance! (He also singled out my sister and pointed at her at one point, my sister went mad!)

Eliza Hamilton

Rachelle Ann Go was such a great choice for Eliza! There was so much emotion behind everything she sung, which is definitely needed in a role like this. Burn was exceptional, and the Finale really got to me as well! Very well cast, brilliant vocals and acting!

Angelica Schuyler

Angelica needs both a sweet, musical voice, and a quick, witty voice. Rachel John delivered both! I was surprised how soft her voice was at times, but she really put power behind it when it was needed! Again, a lot of emotion, especially in It’s Quiet Uptown!

Peggy Schuyler/Maria Reynolds

Even though Peggy is seen as a slightly smaller role, it was amazing to see it characterised, especially at the beginning of the Schuyler sisters! What was really special about Christine Allado’s performance was when she took on the role of Maria Reynolds. Say No To This is a pivotal song in the musical, detailing Hamilton’s cheating on Eliza, and this is the song that really showed off her voice! There are some very long, sustained and powerful notes in this song, and Allado definitely delivered!

The Ensemble

A lot of the time, you focus on where the action is, the main characters singing and doing whatever. However, the ensemble are so important in Hamilton, and I spent a lot of time actually watching them instead of what was going on! They are what really make the visualisation of the soundtrack real, and to be able to hold harmonies in the big group numbers was insane! The choreography was absolutely fantastic, I couldn’t fault a single one of them, they were always in character and always in perfect synchronisation when they had to be! I always wanted to play a main role when I did musical productions, but I would happily be in the ensemble of Hamilton over any main role, just for that choreography!


Overall, Hamilton makes my top 3 musicals of all time (it was up there before seeing it, but it just superglued it’s place)! I couldn’t fault it at all. It made me feel all of the emotions, it made me so happy, it made me laugh, it made me hysterically sob (pretty much from Burn onwards), but I cannot recommend seeing it enough (if you can get hold of tickets!), and I really can’t put into words how magnificent it is! If you have tickets to see it already, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did (just take plenty of tissues, you’ll need them!)

Until next time…

Jade 🙂


I’m on Etsy! A Little Bit About My Journey…

Hello fellow bookworms! A few days ago I made an exciting announcement over on my Instagram, letting all my lovely followers know that I am now open for business on Etsy!

I’ve kept this project on the down low, because I constantly doubted my ability to make it this far, but after much perseverance and belief in myself, I have created my own small product range for my shop, The Literary Artisan.

Artboard 3-100

The purpose of this shop is to bring you handmade paper cut bookmarks with literary quotes, with the option to customise with your own chosen quote if you wish. I will provide a link at the end of this post for anyone who is interested, and I will be expanding my product range in the coming weeks!

This has been a very interesting, stressful, yet exciting process, and I thought I would just share with you a little snippet about why I joined Etsy and how I went about setting up my shop, through the research, branding, design, and production stages…

The idea came to me when I was struggling to find work experience, which was required as part of my university course. I had already completed a weeks worth of experience in London, but it wasn’t enough. I knew I had to take matters into my own hands and setting up an Etsy shop is something that I’ve always wanted to do. So I sat down and drafted ideas, and made a business plan. It felt so amazing to have an idea of how I wanted to use my summer to gain experience, and how to use what I enjoy the most in life, and on my course, and combine them to create products. I completed a lot of research into selling on Etsy, such as seller policies and online selling laws, before even starting to develop designs. I wanted to know exactly what I was getting into, and how much work I had ahead of me.

Then I needed a name, and oh my gosh I think this was the toughest part of the process. It took me a fair amount of time, but after trying to combine so many different aspects of what I wanted to do, and what I wanted to sell, The Literary Artisan kind of stuck (it was lot better than some of the earlier names). It embodied the theme of what I wanted to base my product range around, which was literature, while creating a professional sense of carefully hand crafted, one-of-a-kind products.

While ideas for products were zooming around in my brain, it still wasn’t time to start the production process. I had to brand my store to have a stable base for what I wanted from the store, and what I wanted the brand to embody. I worked on my brand values, and completed several logo trials with colour schemes before finalising these to have a completed strategy for the store.

Finally, it was time to start designing the products! It was lot more difficult than I first anticipated. I am not an illustrator at all, so I had to find a way to communicate what I wanted to say without learning how to draw! There was a lot of development, experimentation and several hours spent gathering inspiration on Pinterest, but I got there eventually. I went through bouts of creative block and bursts of inspiration, and went in circles, until I suddenly had this surge of creativity, and designs just came flowing out of me! Finishing my first product was the most amazing feeling, and it was at that point that everything started to fall into place.

I worked solidly for about a month creating my first wave of products, and I planned my final day of photographing, editing and putting my listings online. It was by far the most stressful day throughout the journey (so far), because nothing seemed to be going right. But, as soon as the photographs were taken, and edited the way I wanted them to look, and the listing were ready and prepared, it was time to go online.

It was a very overwhelmingly exciting feeling to think that what I had been working on over the past 2 and a half months was available for the world to look at and buy! I’ve only been open on Esty for a few days, but I feel like this project has been part of my life for so long, and wanted to share a little bit of background as to how the idea formed and where the ideas have been before being created.

If you wanted to have a little nosey around my shop, then feel free, you can get to it by clicking here. I can customise orders, so if you like a pattern, but want to change the quote, I am more than happy to talk about your ideas and make a personalised design. I am also pleased to say that I am able to ship worldwide, so anyone can have access to my products.

I hope you enjoy what I have created, and there will be more designs coming very soon!

Until next time…

Jade 🙂


Hello, I’m Back!

Hello fellow bookworms! I am pleased to say that, after a bit of a break from blogging, I have decided to fill the BookMuffin-shaped hole in my life and start posting again. I’m very excited to have more time now I am on summer break to start talking about books and my reading journey again, although I will be doing things slightly differently to how I was before.

I won’t be posting as regularly, but hopefully, when I do post, I will be able to deliver more exciting and discussion-worthy content for all my readers, rather than posting more frequently but rushing through what I have to say.

I will be doing one book review per month, roughly somewhere in the middle of the month, for my favourite, most thought-provoking, or least favourite book of the month. I will also be trying to post some discussion topics about the bookish word and leading a literature filled life, particularly problems and thought I am having in my reading journey at the time. I will possibly be doing a weekly recap, like continuing with my Weekly Wednesday Update, or make my round-ups a monthly thing.

Over the next month or so I will be trying to reflect on what I post and what my readers like, and adjust accordingly. I also hope to be able to brand my blog a bit better, with a new logo and post graphics for a more consistent and professional blogging experience.

I am super excited to be back in the blogging world and look forward to talking to you all about what I read in my time off, as well as plenty of plans for the future.

Have an amazing weekend!

Jade 🙂


What Books Do You Read?

Hello fellow bookworms! I haven’t got my usual Thursday post for you because I have only just started reading a new book, so instead, I have decided to write a discussion post, yayyyy!!

Today’s topic is about what you prefer to read in terms of book format. As you know, there are a few ways you can read a book, I’m going to focus on the 4 main formats that are the most popular: Hardback, Paperback, eBook and Audiobook. There are many pros and cons with all of these, so let’s take a look…


Hardbacks can be quite a controversial book format, because of publishing times and book weight, take a look at the pros and cons of hardback reading:


  • Books are usually released in hardback first, so if you are excited for a new release and can’t wait to read it, a hardback is probably what you will end of reading
  • Hardbacks are the only format of book that come with book jacket (as far as I know) and book jackets are, more often than not, absolutely gorgeous!
  • Because of the material, hardbacks are a lot more hard-wearing, compared to paperbacks, where the covers are more easily bent and ruined quicker


  • Hardbacks are so, so heavy! Especially trying to read them in the bath, or if you are tired in bed! (I own Order of the Phoenix in hardback, it is very difficult to hold, especially with one hand)
  • Hardbacks are also, because the materials used and their time of publishing, more expensive than paperbacks, which can make them a less popular choice among bookworms.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 15.05.21


Paperbacks are quite possibly the most loved format of book, still beating technically advanced eBooks to a pulp, let’s see what’s really so good about them:


  • Lighter than a hardback, making it easy to hold whilst reading.
  • A lot cheaper to buy compared to hardback books.
  • Less bulky; therefore take less room on the bookshelf (more room, more books)
  • Can also fit into your bag a lot easier!
  • More flexible, making the book easier to open (just try not to break the spine too much!)


  • Often published later than hardbacks, so if you want a paperback, you’re gonna have to wait!
  • Paperbacks get damaged more easily, so you’ll probably end up with worn and torn covers before you know it if you don’t treat your poor paperback with a little respect!

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 15.05.37



Why, in such a technologically advanced world, don’t we just digitise books instead of printing them? Yes, the idea was a stroke of genius at the time, but eBooks aren’t all they’re set out to be:


  • eReaders are often extremely lightweight and thin, making them easier to carry around compared to a physical book
  • They can also contain thousands of books, which is easier for taking a lot of books on your travels
  • eBooks are generally heaps cheaper than a physical book because they don’t use any physical materials
  • No physical materials also means they are better for the environment (although a lot of book paper nowadays is recycled
  • Er, 24 bookstore! Who wouldn’t say yes to that?!


  • As much as people argue, it really isn’t a proper book! Yes, you get the same story, the same words and characters and experience, but it’s not the same. It’s not the same as reading a proper book you can physically feel in your hands, you can smell the glorious pages and hear them as they turn. eBooks can’t engage with your senses like a physical book can!
  • There’s just something about going into a bookstore, smelling all of the new books and looking at their colourful, wonderfully designed covers. You don’t get that with an eBook store!
  • eReaders run out battery, and you can only purchase books if you have wifi (oh, the wifi dependant world strikes again!)
  • They’re practically toast if you drop them in the bath (unless you have a fancy waterproof cover
  • A kindle full of books is definitely not as impressive as a shelf full of books!

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 15.06.01


Last but to least, we have the audiobook, which has probably only within the last 10 years or so become popular with readers, but why might that be?


  • It is a lot easier to multi-task while listening to a book, you can go for jog or do some knitting, and still keep up with the story.
  • Like eBooks, they tend to be cheaper than physical books.
  • This also accounts for the fact that, if you have a smartphone or tablet, you get a free app to listen on, so no special device is required.
  • They are available 24/7, and, again, like eBooks, can be easily transported.


  • Sometimes more difficult to concentrate on, especially if you are falling asleep, and you could lose your place.
  • It’s more difficult to skip back and forth.
  • Some people say you don’t always get the same emotions as you do through reading words on a page.
  • Like eBooks, you don’t get the physical book in your hands, which is an important factor for a lot of bookworms!

My Personal Preference

With every book lover comes a different set of preferences regarding book formats. For me, paperbacks are my go to, because I love the feeling of having a physical book, and my bookshelf looks way more impressive! However, if I’m desperate to read a new release, or if I’m buying a book second hand and it happens to be in hardback, I’m not going to complain! I also own a Kindle, which is primarily for books sent to me to review for this blog as I know it is cheaper for publishers and authors to send them in this format, and I’m always up for a bargain if there is a 99p sale on Kindle books, but I generally tend to opt for the physical books. The only format I never engage in is audiobooks. I’m not against people using them as a form of reading, in fact, I think it’s a great idea, but I’m unable to keep concentration as well when I am listening to something as apposed to reading the words (not so handy in uni lectures)!

What’s you’re opinion on the pros and cons listed here? Do you have any to add? What about your format preferences? Are you a hardback fanatic or more of an eBook lover? At the end of the day, a book is a book, right, no matter what form it comes in!

Happy Thursday and Happy Blogging!

Jade 🙂


A Bookish 2016- Plans, Resolutions and Schedules

Happy New Year everyone!! Thank you all for making my first (almost) year of blogging a fantastic one; for all of the likes and comments you left me and all of my amazing readers! This post is designed to let you all know my bookish plans of 2016, including what I want to read, what I may want to try and read, resolutions I have made to myself (both bookish and personal) and new and exciting overall blog look!

What Do I Plan On Reading in 2016?

So one of my resolutions, which will be mentioned later in the post, is to start the year off reading all of my exchange copies on my kindle, of which there are 8:

  • Soul Reapers
  • What Milo Saw
  • Pretty Is
  • Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls
  • Katherine Carlyle
  • The Last Days of Summer
  • Red Queen
  • Beside Myself

I also have books that I want to read so desperately that I didn’t get round to last year:

  • A Little Life
  • The Maze Runner
  • The Rosie Project

And books that have been sitting on my Kindle for a while that I should get round to reading:

  • The Great Gatsby
  • We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves
  • You
  • The Book of You

And many more that I hope to read, although I will probably get distracted with many new and upcoming releases in 2016! My reading goal for this year is to get through 50 books which I hope I manage, judging on my count of 43 (and a half) last year.


I haven’t really made resolutions this year, I called them more ‘goals’ for the pure fact that they are not what I vow to do, but what I endeavour and hope I manage to do, that way I feel less tied to complete them. I have both book released and personal goals that I would like to challenge myself to in 2016:


  • Worry Less/Combat some anxiety
  • Work hard on my uni projects/Pass my first year
  • Earn some money (get a job, get my Etsy shop up and running?)
  • Snack less
  • Start Art Journaling
  • Do something every day to make myself smile


  • Read a total of 50 (or more) books
  • Read all exchange books first, and within 3 weeks of receiving new ones
  • Tackle at least 2 more classics
  • Try not to re-read any books (with the exception of finishing Deathly Hallows)
  • Add at least a book a week to my TBR

New (and exciting!) Blog Changes

My thoughts on this is that I needed to set a firm blog schedule that allowed me to keep everyone updated on all bookish things in my life, and some personal stuff too, including my previously mentioned resolutions. Starting from January 4th my blog schedule will be as follows:

  • Monday- Reserved for Reviews
  • Tuesday- Top Ten Tuesday
  • Wednesday- Weekly Wednesday Update
  • Thursday- What Am I Currently Reading?
  • Friday- No post
  • Saturday- Quote for The Weekend
  • Sunday- No post (I will be writing my reviews on this day

I have tried to pad my posts out a bit and give you, as my readers, more content. What Am I Currently Reading? is a new feature, which will expand on my Weekly Wednesday Update, where I briefly mention what I am reading. Thursday’s post will hopefully go into more detail, including what I think of the books so far, favourite characters and quotes and what  think the outcome of the book will be. This may give my readers an opportunity to find their next favourite book, or even recommend books based on the one in discussion. I am very excited about this and I hope my readers enjoy it!

One last thing I will mention is over the next week I hope to update my theme and the overall look of blog, and this year will hopefully see some more organisation to the pages as well, now that I have built up a healthier amount of reviews. I will also be designing a blog logo, which I’m excited about, so keep an eye out for those changes.

I hope you all have good and prosperous 2016 filled with plenty of fun and plenty of books!

Jade 🙂



Beautiful Blogger Award!

I can’t remember if I have done this award or not, but thank you Jordan @ I Will Never Own Enough Books for the nomination, I will spew out some wacky facts about myself for a bit of fun on a Sunday morning 🙂

For people who don’t know what this blog award is, here’s what you need to do:


1. Link to the blogger who nominated you.

2. List seven random facts about you.

3. Nominate seven creative, beautiful bloggers, and notify them.

OK, so now for the random facts about me

  1. I like scarves with pockets
  2. I cannot go anywhere in the winter without earmuffs
  3. I’m a very big fan of cinnamon spiced Chai Tea Lattes
  4. I have a stuffed toy of Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon that meows because he reminds me of a cat
  5. I like to watch Singing’ In The Rain when I’m nervous or scared
  6. I am a vegetarian
  7. I have an unhealthy and very expensive obsession with stationary.

My Nominees

The Writing Hufflepuff

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Nut Free Nerd

Book Snacks


Thoughts and Afterthoughts


Good luck everyone!

Happy Sunday and happy Blogging!

Jade 🙂