Monthly Book Roundup for October


Hello fellow bookworms! I suck at finding time to read! No, that’s a lie, I think I’m in another reading slump… Why am I only getting through 3 books a month? Honestly, I’m the worst bookworm you’ll ever meet! Anyway, here’s the measley amount I read this month…

What books have I read this month?


The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas


Turtles All The Way Down by John Green

What am I currently reading?


Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

Average Rating: 4.3

Number of total pages read: 1,242 pages

Books read toward 2017 Book Challenge goal: 39.5/52 books (I put my goal down because I am a weak human being)

Books I plan to read in November:


The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

I’m only setting one book to read next month because knowing me that’s all I’ll read and I’ll be a failure of a bookworm…

What do you think of the books I’ve read this month? What about the ones I plan on reading? Leave your comments below, and book recommendations are always welcome!

Happy November and Happy Blogging!

Jade 🙂


Trick or Treat! Happy Halloween 🎃


Top Ten Tuesday was originally started by The Broke And The Bookish, where a topic is given every Tuesday and the blogger then produces a top ten list of books to fit the weekly subject. The topic this week is Top Ten Characters I Would Want To Go Trick or Treat-ing With. I’m too old for trick or treat-ing now, and I’m not much of a sweet lover (although don’t get me wrong, I love chocolate!), but that doesn’t stop me from fantasising going out with my favourite characters from literature…

The Golden Trio (Harry Potter)


You can’t just go with one of them! Harry, Ron, and Hermione would be the perfect companions for Halloween (they are wizards, come on!), but I’m thinking about 1st year of Hogwarts, 11 year old trio, because they’re just adorable!

Clary and Jace (The Mortal Instruments)


These two are so much fun, and at least I would know I had demon protection everywhere I went!

Cath and Levi (Fangirl)


These two are so adorable together, and I would want to share Levi’s childish excitement at the idea of getting loads of sweets! I imagine him as a hyper Halloween puppy!

Albus and Scorpius (Cursed Child)


MORE WIZARDS! You can’t have Halloween without them! I can’t think of a wizard who loves sweets more than Scorpius… (actually, Ron is a strong contender…)

The Peculiar Children (Miss Peregrine’s)


How much fun would this be! Walking around surrounded by children who have the best ‘costumes’ in town! No one knows how she’s floating, or how that dog is talking…

Newt Scamander (Fantastic Beasts)


Can he bring his creatures along, can you imagine people’s faces when they see me next to that Graphorn?!

Margo Roth Spiegelman and Q (Paper Towns)


She would just be so good at the tricks, I wouldn’t bother about getting any treats!

That’s all for today everyone! Let me know in the comments who you would go trick or treat-ing with, would you go with any from this bunch? Feel free to link your Top Ten Tuesday too so I can see what Halloween-y theme you chose!

Until next time…

Jade 🙂


Unique Book Titles


Top Ten Tuesday was originally started by The Broke And The Bookish, where a topic is given every Tuesday and the blogger then produces a top ten list of books to fit the weekly subject. The topic this week is Top Ten Unique Book Titles. Most books have fairly average titles, something you would expect to appear on the front cover. However, some books are more secretive, and don’t like to give anything away in their titles, and therefore have slightly different approaches when it comes to naming them. here’s just a few I found on my bookshelf.

Turtles All The Way Down by John Green


This is the first book that came to me when I thought of unique titles. When you read he book, you understand where the title comes from, but on it’s own, it’s quite wacky!

The Impossible Knife of Memory by Laurie Halse Anderson


I haven’t read this book, but it’s not the sort of title that you an grasp anything about the storyline from. It doesn’t really make that much sense out of context… I can’t wait to read it though, I’ve heard it’s one that would pull at my heartstrings a bit.

Our Endless Numbered Days by Claire Fuller


I chose this one because it’s quite a contradictory title; days can’t be numbered and endless, can they?

The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness


Why have I still not read this book? Another book with knife in the title… this is quite a strange title, and really doesn’t say much about the book at all, maybe I should read it and try and figure out what it means…

The End of the World Running Club by Adrian J. Walker


A running club for the end of the world… this may be taken literally in the book, but the title itself is quite unique.

The Sun Is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon


Well, yes, actually, it is… but this title is quite unique in the way that it doesn’t really have anything to do with the immediate storyline of the book (I don’t think, I haven’t this one either… why have not read any of these books?!)

The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson


Again, yes, the sky is kind of everywhere, but the title stands out among other books because it doesn’t really say much about the story.


So that’s my collection of unique book titles! Have you read any of these? Can you tell if the titles have any relevance to the story? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time…

Jade 🙂


Anything From The Trolley, Dears? … Fictional Foods I’d Love To Try


Top Ten Tuesday was originally started by The Broke And The Bookish, where a topic is given every Tuesday and the blogger then produces a top ten list of books to fit the weekly subject. The topic this week is Top Ten Most Yummy Sounding Foods From Books. Even fictional characters have to eat, so I’ve compiled a list of foods I’ve come across in books that take my fancy (some of them might just be normal foods, but reading about them then has me craving them!)

Dauntless Cake (from the Divergent trilogy)


This was the first thing that came to mind when this topic came up. I think there’s a lot of us out there who wouldn’t mind trying a bit of that cake, it sounds like it would be chocolatey and gooey and luscious…

And now I want cake…!

Cauldron Cakes (from the Harry Potter series)


We don’t get much info on what these are like, but I imagine them to be soft, moist sponge cakes which come in a little cauldron that you can eat them out of, maybe you can get them filled with cream or jam… mmmmmm!

Chocolate Frogs (from the Harry Potter series)


There are so many magical foods in Harry Potter I couldn’t choose just one! I’ve had a Chocolate Frog from the studio tour, but of course, that’s just not the same as the real thing! (P.S. I got Dumbledore!)

Pumpkin Pasties (from the Harry Potter series)


Yeah, I really couldn’t decide what magical food I wanted to try! I’ve never tried pumpkin, but I love pasties, and I imagine them taste like butternut squash!

Yorkshire Pudding and Gravy (from Carry On)


I’m currently reading this, and reading about their meal times has me craving all sorts of things, but no one can resist a good Yorkshire pud!

Dragon Carrot Risotto (from The Fault in Our Stars)


Every time I read this or watch the film I absolutely crave risotto! I love this dish, but I have never tried dragon carrot (it looks purple?) It sounds absolutely delicious!

Turkish Delight (from The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe)

Locum With A Rose

I think I’ve tried Turkish Delight before, and I didn’t reply enjoy it (and I don’t think I can actually eat it now) but it looks so visually appealing, so even if I know I don’t like it, I still want to eat it (does that make sense?)

Wonka Bars (from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory)


We used to sell these in the UK when the Johnny Depp version of the film was released and they were so yummy, but Wonka bars are no more and I am back to my dreams.

That’s all for today’s post, I hope your mouths are all watering and i’ve made you sufficiently hungry enough to go and grab yourselves a snack! Next week’s Top Ten Tuesday is all about Unique Book Titles if you want to pop back, or even join in the list making fun!

PS. I’ve tried to link most of the images to their recipes if you want to try making any of them!

Until next time…

Jade 🙂


Quote Exchange


You never really find answers, just new and deeper questions.

-Turtles All The Way Down


Turtles All The Way Down by John Green


This was my most anticipated read of the year, and I have to say it did not disappoint! John Green is one of my favourite authors, and his books give you so much to think about, and this one was no different.

Below is my review, plus a sneaky peak at the front cover and description and places to buy:

About The Book


Turtles All The Way Down by John Green

It all begins with a fugitive billionaire and the promise of a cash reward. Turtles All the Way Down is about lifelong friendship, the intimacy of an unexpected reunion, Star Wars fan fiction, and tuatara. But at its heart is Aza Holmes, a young woman navigating daily existence within the ever-tightening spiral of her own thoughts.

My Review

Turtles All The Way Down is the long awaited YA novel from John Green since the release of The Fault In Our Stars. We follow a young girl named Aza, her best friend Daisy, and son of millionaire, Davis Pickett. Set in Green’s home city, Indianapolis, the story follows these characters through life, loss, and friendship. For me, the characters made the story, and while the plot was important, and very well developed, the characters, particularly Aza, were the stars of the book. Green’s writing always tackles issues in life in very particular but extraordinary ways, and Turtles even more so than others, in my opinion. His mind works in complex but incredible ways that forms characters and stories that make you think about the book days after finishing. His way with words is highly commendable, and an absolute joy (sometimes, they can also destroy your life) to read. The underlying plot that runs alongside main issues tackled through character relationships was interesting, adding a mysterious vibe to the novel, and while it wasn’t the central point of the novel, it drove the narrative well, and everything was tied up at the end.

It’s so difficult to not fall in love with all of the characters that John Green writes into existence. And it really does feel like they are in the room with you! Aza’s charcater was incredibly well developed and made the book such a powerful novel. The way Green has written about mental health in such a sensitive and important way really translates what he has experienced in his own life, and helps any reader understand what it’s like to live with OCD and anxiety. This was the most powerful, creative, and informative book tackling mental health I’ve read to date.

I could not put it down, and there was always this nagging sensation that kept me guessing where Pickett Sr was, even with everything else going on around it. My favourite part of the book was all of it. No seriously I can’t choose! It was all written so well, and I did find that times when Aza was arguing with her conscience were particularly powerful, as it put OCD compulsions in perspective for someone who may not suffer from it.

There were several humorous points throughout the novel, little tidbits that Green added that just made me giggle, but overall, the book stirred a lot of different emotions. The power behind the writing made me feel sad and anxious and worried, but also made me feel happy and warm on the inside. John Green books have a way of making you feel like you are on a literal emotional rollercoaster!

I learnt a lot reading this book, not just about mental illness, but also about life in general. As with many of his other books, Green has laden Turtles with quotes that will soon become some of the most important quotes in YA literature. As I said earlier, John Green’s mind and way of thinking is so vast and extraordinary, I swear there is not a lot this man doesn’t know, therefore it is such an experience reading his books. I can highly recommend Turtles All The Way Down to anyone who is a fan of Green’s writing, or of YA and books that tackle mental health issues in general. Go out and buy this book now, because I believe everyone should read it!

My Rating: 5 Muffins out of 5

Where To Buy

If you like the sound of the book, here is where you can buy the book (including, but not limited to):


The Book Depository

Cover photo and description taken from Goodreads (view book profile here)

Autumn Book Covers


Top Ten Tuesday was originally started by The Broke And The Bookish, where a topic is given every Tuesday and the blogger then produces a top ten list of books to fit the weekly subject. The topic this week is Book Covers That Remind Me of Autumn. So basically, anything orange or leafy…

Turtles All The Way Down by John Green


Orange spiral, autumn release date, what more do you want?

Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire


I think it’s the forest setting… haven’t read this one yet but want to get to it soon!

City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare


Fire… Bonfires… I’m making this up as I go along here

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness


Spooky tree, nighttime, serious Halloween vibes (without the orange)

The Passenger by Lisa Lutz


Driving into the unknown, I’m sticking with the Halloween theme here…

Jane Eyre (Penguin Clothbound Classics Edition) by Charlotte Brontë


The leaves remind me of Autumn, and the colour scheme in general is very cozy for a cold October day.


That’s al for today I’m afraid, I’m sorry I haven’t been writing as often, I have had a lot of work to do, but I will hopefully be posting at least once a week (fingers crossed!) let me know what your favourite Autumn book covers are in the comments!

Until next time…

Jade 🙂