Hamilton // An American Musical in London

Hello fellow bookworms! I was extremely lucky in January 2017 to get tickets to the one of the greatest musical of our generation! Yesterday, the day had finally arrived for my sister and me to journey up to London to see Hamilton! Leading up to the day, having had the tickets for almost a year, it still unbelievable that we were actually going. It wasn’t until we were outside the theatre that it really hit me that we were seeing it in a few hours! It was one of the best musical experiences of my life, and I wanted to share everything I loved about it with you (with minimal spoilers, of course)!

Listening to the recording vs. Seeing the musical

I’ve been a massive fan of Hamilton for a while now, and until yesterday, I only had the soundtrack to tell the story. In case you’re not that familiar with Hamilton, it is an all-music musical, which means there’s no scripted speech in between. This meant that I could get a pretty good grasp of the story without having seen it live. That said, going to see it, and having that soundtrack you know so well come to life, you really can’t compare it with any other feeling. All those times you wish you knew what that scene looked like, and now you can listen and visualise to your hearts content! The only real difference was the recording is Original Broadway cast, and we saw the Original West End cast. It was great to see how they kept it so close to the original songs, but still out their own spin on things!

The Actors and their Characters

Alexander Hamilton

We were lucky enough to see Jamael Westman as Hamilton, and I couldn’t find fault with his performance! He was on par with Lin-Manuel Miranda as the lead character, and it was such a pleasure to see someone take on this massive role, step into Lin’s shoes, and do a phenomenal job! (Also he was super tall so he towered above everyone else in the cast!)

Aaron Burr

Pardon me, are you Aaron Burr, sir? We saw Sifiso Mazibuko, principle standby for Aaron Burr, and he was amazing! The power in his voice was incredible, and Wait For It, which is one of my favourites in the musical, was great. There was so much emotion in his character, and Dear Theodosia broke me as well!

John Laurens/Philip Hamilton

What can I say apart from the fact that Cleve September’s voice is incredible! It certainly belongs on stage, and he played Philip very, very well, I cried a lot in Stay Alive (Reprise)!


Jason Pennycooke was hilarious! Lafayette is such a character, and man, he can rap! I knew is would be difficult to follow in Daveed Diggs footsteps, and Pennycooke didn’t disappoint. His role as Jefferson was played just as well, Jefferson has a massive personality, and he really made the character his own, which made it special and unique for the audience as well!

Hercules Mulligan/James Madison

Wow, what a voice! Mulligan always had to have a powerful voice, and Tarinn Callender was made for this role! The visual representation of Madison was different to what I expected, but his relationship with Jefferson was great, and will change the way I listen to his character sing in a good way.

George Washington

Another extremely powerful voice, he really belted out every word! One Last Time was a lot more emotional than I thought it would be, and Right Hand Man was brilliant with the entire cast! Obioma Ugoala stepped up to the challenge of President and most certainly achieved the goal!

King George

Oh my gosh! King George has so much characterisation that the person playing can’t be afraid to make the songs their own! The best thing about Johnathon Groff on the recording is he is an American singing with a British accent, which made almost more accented and pronounced, and really funny. Michael Jibson did just that! He put a unique twist on all of King George’s songs, and the facial expression and little movements along with it absolutely made his role what it was! I couldn’t wait for him to reappear on stage each time, and he even appeared in a few songs towards the end in the background, which added a but of comedy to the performance! A magnificent performance! (He also singled out my sister and pointed at her at one point, my sister went mad!)

Eliza Hamilton

Rachelle Ann Go was such a great choice for Eliza! There was so much emotion behind everything she sung, which is definitely needed in a role like this. Burn was exceptional, and the Finale really got to me as well! Very well cast, brilliant vocals and acting!

Angelica Schuyler

Angelica needs both a sweet, musical voice, and a quick, witty voice. Rachel John delivered both! I was surprised how soft her voice was at times, but she really put power behind it when it was needed! Again, a lot of emotion, especially in It’s Quiet Uptown!

Peggy Schuyler/Maria Reynolds

Even though Peggy is seen as a slightly smaller role, it was amazing to see it characterised, especially at the beginning of the Schuyler sisters! What was really special about Christine Allado’s performance was when she took on the role of Maria Reynolds. Say No To This is a pivotal song in the musical, detailing Hamilton’s cheating on Eliza, and this is the song that really showed off her voice! There are some very long, sustained and powerful notes in this song, and Allado definitely delivered!

The Ensemble

A lot of the time, you focus on where the action is, the main characters singing and doing whatever. However, the ensemble are so important in Hamilton, and I spent a lot of time actually watching them instead of what was going on! They are what really make the visualisation of the soundtrack real, and to be able to hold harmonies in the big group numbers was insane! The choreography was absolutely fantastic, I couldn’t fault a single one of them, they were always in character and always in perfect synchronisation when they had to be! I always wanted to play a main role when I did musical productions, but I would happily be in the ensemble of Hamilton over any main role, just for that choreography!


Overall, Hamilton makes my top 3 musicals of all time (it was up there before seeing it, but it just superglued it’s place)! I couldn’t fault it at all. It made me feel all of the emotions, it made me so happy, it made me laugh, it made me hysterically sob (pretty much from Burn onwards), but I cannot recommend seeing it enough (if you can get hold of tickets!), and I really can’t put into words how magnificent it is! If you have tickets to see it already, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did (just take plenty of tissues, you’ll need them!)

Until next time…

Jade 🙂


Hamilton: The Book Tag (ft. a lot of Shadowhunters…)

Hello fellow bookworms and welcome to this month’s tag post! I have seen so many people do the Hamilton Book Tag, bloggers and book-tubers alike, and I just could not resist the opportunity! If you’ve been living under a rock and you haven’t heard of Hamilton, it is one of the greatest musicals of all time! It follows Alexander Hamilton through his life as one of the founding fathers of America, and tells the story of how he came to be the person he was, formed by the other characters around him. Oh, and did I mention it was written by Lin Manuel Miranda who is a lyrical genius of hip-hop and rap music? I am so in love with Hamilton beyond words, and being able to combine it with my love of books is just the perfect post for me, so before I melt into a Hamilton-shaped puddle because of my love for it, let’s get on with the tag!

Please be aware there will be spoilers ahead for the following books: Clockwork Princess, The Fault In Our Stars, City of Heavenly Fire, Lady Midnight and the Harry Potter series.

The Room Where It Happens

A Book World You Would Put Yourself Into

This is definitely not a difficult one for me, and probably most people, as I have to go with the majority vote and say The Wizarding World! Most, if not all, of the Hamilton Book Tags I’ve read have listed this in response to this first question! If I wanted to be slightly less cliché, I would choose the Shadow World from the Shadowhunter Chronicles, but I probably have more chance of dying there so… that’s my 2nd choice!

The Schuyler Sisters

An Underrated Femaleimg_0195

I had a good think about this one, because I feel like every book I read, I fully appreciate all of the characters, but thinking outside into the book community, I’m going to choose Charlotte from The Infernal Devices series. Tessa is the main female character in this trilogy, and while Charlotte does play quite a big role, especially in the final book, I rarely hear people talk about how amazing she is! She’s the head of the Institute and then becomes Consul, for goodness sake, surely that deserves some recognition!

My Shot

A Character That Goes After What They Want

Sticking with the Shadowhunter theme, I chose Emma and Julian from The Dark Artifices series. In Lady Midnight especially, Emma is particularly persistent and doesn’t let the Clave get in her way of investigating the mysterious death of her parents. Julian is constantly doing whatever he can to protect the children, and doesn’t let anyone stop him.


The Most Heartbreaking End To A Relationship

I have two for this one, a romantic relationship, and a friendship, because all -ships are important! My chosen relationship is Hazel and Gus from The Fault In Our Stars, because of course the physical end of that relationship was the most heart-breaking you could ever read! But when I first saw this question, it was the friendship that came to mind, and that was Clary and Simon’s relationship at the end of City of Heavenly Fire. I was in floods of tears and I still can’t believe Cassandra Clare would put us through that much pain! Still, it kind of gets better in Shadowhunter Academy…

You’ll Be Back

Sassiest Villain

Shadowhunters keeps coming up in this tag, but I have to choose Malcolm Fade in Lady Midnight! Even though he had villainous intentions, he could be so funny throughout his time with the Blackthorns! A moment that really stands out is when they order vampire pizza and watch romantic films, and Malcolm is just hilarious in this scene! 😂

The Reynolds Pamphlet

The Twist You Didn’t See Coming

There are plenty of books I’ve read with unexpected twists, but for this one I have three of my most recent reads. We Were Liars, I was expecting a twist, but never guessed when or what the actual twist was! Lord of Shadows had plenty of twists and turns throughout the plot line as well, which were quite unexpected. I recently re-read The Fault In Our Stars, and thinking back to my first time reading it, I never guessed the fate of the main characters, and was sure it would be the reverse of what it actually was. I consider that quite a large twist in my book!


A Series You Marathoned

Another one for the Shadowhunters, and of course I binge read The Mortal Instruments with The Infernal Devices (in publication order) because it’s really hard not too! Once you have been sucked into the world, it’s so difficult to leave! Which reminds me, I almost marathoned the Harry Potter series, but I’m sure everyone has at some point…


Favourite Book With Multiple POVs

When I came to this question, I realised I’ve only read (and enjoyed) one book with mixed POVs, where each chapter was from a different characters perspective, and that one was Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan. I really liked it when I could actually get into it, and was a lovely summer read! Especially interesting with the two POVs coming together!

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story

A Book or Series You Feel Will Be Remembered Throughout History

Harry Potter, no question! This series will never die and live on through generations. It will be considered the greatest classic of all time in 50 years or so!

Stay Alive

A Character You Wish Was Still Alive

There are plenty of characters that died on me unnecessarily, but there are some that really hurt me in ways that are unimaginable. Augustus Waters was the star-crossed (fictional) love of my life and did not deserve the end he got! WHY DOES JOHN GREEN HAVE TO BE SO MEAN AND MAKE ME FALL IN LOVE WITH A CHARACTER JUST TO BREAK MY HEART??!! It’s not fair!! Of course we can’t ignore this question without paying tribute to all those who fell fighting evil for the greater good in the Harry Potter series, namely Fred, Dobby and Sirius. All of these deaths were completely unnecessary in my eyes! There was no reason Fred and Dobby had to die, it only made the end of the series hurt so much more! As for Sirius, WHY, JK ROWLING, DID YOU HAVE TO TAKE AWAY THE ONLY PERSON HARRY HAD AS A FATHER FIGURE AWAY FROM HIM? WHY?! Again, highly unnecessary.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed and I sincerely apologise for the amount of times Shadowhunters happened to appear in this post! Are there any here that you agree with? What would you put in your own Hamilton book tag? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time…

Jade 🙂